Collection 'Work The Colour' Eyebrow Kit

You might have seen in my Boots Haul a few weeks ago I raved about this product and promised a post devoted to it (I'm also considering doing my full eyebrow routine as a separate post - what do you think?) and never really got round to it - bad blogger that I am! However I was putting my eyebrows on this morning and thought 'I need to tell people about this gem'.

As you might have guessed, I picked up this kit from Boots for a bargain £3.99 which considering you get three shades, a brush a clear mascara seems too good to be true. I thought it was worth a try regardless and settled for the darkest shade in the kit (the bottom one on the swatch) which suits my eyebrows perfectly. The result? I was amazed. Seriously, this stuff glides on, applies evenly and is so easy to work with. I honestly don't think you can tell a difference between this and my Benefit eyeshadow i've used for years expect the colour is a more natural and closer to my actual eyebrow colour. My only bug bears are the brush that comes with the kit was a little brittle and flimsy for me (but for £4 what do you expect?) so I use my Benefit brush instead and the powder doesn't feel as secure as my Benefit eyebrows did - that stuff was near enough waterproof. The Collection kit doesn't smudge or fade, but if i'm going on a night out / long trip i'll set my eyebrows first with an Avon eyebrow definer pencil so they stay perfect allllll day. Like I said, for the price it's not a big deal and i'm probably just paranoid but melting eyebrows are not a risk i'm willing to take.

All in all i'm so happy with this product; I love that you get a variety of good quality shades to play around with, I love the price and I love the way it looks. Any more bargain eyebrow / Collection products I need to try - I think i've been converted!



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