Homeware Haul:

It's recently been all change at whatgeorgiadidnext headquarters (aka my home!) after my mum and dad decided to add a dormer extension to our house. We've lived in our house for the majority of my life so it was so unsettling and exciting to be moved out of my tiny room and be given a brand new bedroom.. complete with a dressing table (finally!). I'm planning on doing a proper bedroom tour once my room is properly finished but for the moment I wanted to show you all some bits i've picked up recently because I don't know about you, but I absolutely love homeware goodies.

First up, although the dressing table mirror and Love cushion aren't available online, I know they're both still in store (when will Primark finally get an online store?) so you can pick up the exact same ones at a much cheaper price than the links. I'd also recommend going into Dunelm for the Wine cushion because a. it's a really fun way to spend an afternoon and b. there was 20% off when I went in. I'm a serious cushion hoarder and love any that are a little bit quirky, cute or really speak to me (like the wine one... it's always wine o'clock in my house!). My mum actually bought me the tealight holder before Christmas because home is definitely where the heart is for me and although i'm currently using it to store nail varnishes while I use up another candle, it throws out such a lovely, home inspired light that is just so cosy and welcoming. It's a really cute ornament to have on my shelves too and £2.99 is so much cheaper than a lot i've seen advertised. My Next light was actually a present from my mum as well (girl got good taste!) after I was devastated when I couldn't have the ikea 'Maskros' pendant i'd had my heart set on. Being the absolute gem she is, my mum scoured out a look a like that, coincidentally matches my 'Fillsta' lamp so I could have a gorgeous, vintage floral effect light that throws off a really amazing light. Finally, as I said above, the absolute highlight of my bedroom change has been finally getting a dressing table! Mine is actually an ikea desk and isn't quite finished but this The Range mirror fits it perfectly and I mostly love the three mirror effect- although not on a morning when it's bad enough seeing one sleep and caffeine deprived Georgia, never mind three..

Do you love homeware hauls too? Anywhere I can buy more cushions from? 



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