John Frieda 'Brilliant Brunette' Intense Conditioner:

It's been all go for me this week - I had a water deprivation test done at my local hospital, celebrated one of my best friends 21st birthday and managed to pass my driving test as well! I'll be posting more about my deprivation and driving tests because I really struggled with both and want to pass on any tips that might be helpful to anyone else!

With my hectic week finally behind me I decided to treat myself to a pamper session this morning; armed with my LUSH facemask, a hot bath and this John Frieda hair treatment I settled down and hoped for the best. I did only dye my hair last week so it's a little dry and needed a bit of TLC. I'm a long time John Frieda fan; there Frizz-Ease shampoo is a long time favourite I always go back to and I have used the Brilliant Brunette conditioner before so I was expecting good things - John Frieda are a brand that know what they're doing and do it well. This intense conditioner definitely didn't disappoint - it's a really thick conditioner and although there was only just enough for one use for me if you had shorter / thinner hair it would probably stretch to two. First up, the conditioner smelt divine; oh my god I can't even explain! I left it on for the recommended 15 minutes  and wow... It has a delicious woody, musky, floral smell that if it was bottled, I would use as perfume for myself I loved it that much. The scent lasted after washing and blow drying as well which is always a bonus. The actual conditioner left my hair so soft it was a dream to blow dry and brush through. The conditioner does sell itself as a 'brunette' option though so I was interested to see how my colour would look afterwards; as you can see in the last picture (left is before!) the conditioner definitely made my hair look so much shinier and did the job nicely - my colour definitely looks deeper and more 'multi tonal' as promised. 

I love these little John Frieda sachets and couldn't recommend them enough; they're the perfect 15 minutes your hair needs to make it soft, shiny and smelling amazing. What more could you want? 



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