Lush Fairtrade Foot Lotion:

 Now hang in there with me, I know this is a seriously unglam product - it's up there with deodorant and shaving cream isn't it? But seriously, this stuff is next level. I posted a picture on my instagram and it got so much love I decided to give it its own post.

Understandably, the lotion smells like peppermint (insert your Mean Girls reference here) but not run of the mill, boring chewing gum peppermint, oh no... this is Lush peppermint so it smells insane. It smells to me, like Candy Canes and i've actually found myself on a couple of occasions rubbing it into my hands because it smells so sweet and minty and... edible. I think LUSH really excel themselves in making products that make you really breathe in the smell, bring back memories and make you want to just eat all the bath goodies (and foot goodies in this case!). Aside from the smell, I found this lotion really cooling (perfect on hardworking feet!) and it worked a dream on healing and calming down a couple of blisters I'd actually got on my hands - the cooling element of the lotion really helped soothe that awful burning blister pain. I try to apply this lotion every night, before bed and because i'm a weirdo, I throw on a pair of socks to sleep in to let the product really sink in... but if you can't sleep in socks then just let it air dry instead and it'll work just as hard. I recieved the foot lotion either with my Think Pink box or as a Christmas present and it's definitely a great present idea; it's not something I would necessarily have ever bought for myself but i'm so glad I have it now!

I'd definitely recommend this product (if only for the smell!); it's hardworking and, of course, against animal testing which I love. Do you have any random LUSH products I need to try? 



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