Missguided Wishlist:

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Isn't this just the most perfect boho, summer ready wishlist you've ever seen? I *accidentally* ended up on Missguided to scour the endless dress section but the 'Desert Wanderer' collection on the homepage caught my eye and I managed to fall in love with every piece; i'm not normally one to dress head to toe in a certain brand but the styling of these pieces is spot on and has got me daydreaming about summer and my vintage Levi's! I'm lusting over every piece but the fringed leather jacket, the playsuit and the fringed crop top may just be my favourite - when the summer rolls in I find myself drawn to anything that has a hippy / boho vibe - think Vanessa Hudgens at Cochella and you've basically got my idea of the perfect summer wardrobe - and the inspiration behind most of this wishlist! 

I've never shopped at Misguided but it's definitely be a site i'll be checking out more often - if only for the fringed leather jacket of my dreams. Do you like Missguided? Any other sites I need to check out for the perfect boho summer wardrobe? 



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