Benefit Cosmetics | Roller Lash:

Another day on the internet, another Roller Lash review! I think I made my feelings towards They're Real! clear from the start (although it did eventually win me around and is now my favourite!) and the Benefit classic 'Bad Gal' is also one of my ultimate mascaras so I wasn't sure what to expect with Roller Lash. 

My immediate first impressions were good - I love the dusky pink packaging, the brush is firm and well spaced out and the mascara is quite liquid. I prepared myself, applied the mascara and... wow. I absolutely love Roller Lash! It gives my lashes a definite curl, makes them look longer than I ever thought possible and the small brush meant I could get to every teeny tiny eyelash. I found Roller Lash really easy to apply and easy to layer up, plus it didn't clump on my eyelashes or leave marks on my eyelids when I blinked (my pet hate!) which was a huge deal breaker for Theyre Real. 

 I feel like this mascara is a mixture of my two other benefit mascara - I get the wow factor of Theyre Real but with the wearability (and easy removal) of Bad Gal. I absolutely love Roller Lash and can't recommend it enough; seriously, if you're in the market for an everyday mascara that makes your eyes look amazing, but that you can actually get off your lashes, this is definitely the one for you! 

Rebuy? Without a doubt! 


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