Sex Bomb | Lush Bath Bomb:

If you can read the name of this bath bomb / blog post without doing a Tom Jones impression then you are a much better person that me - my favourite thing about this bath bomb is being able to warble away in a dodgy Welsh accent... 

Anyway, where was I? Sex Bomb is a bath bomb I've wanted to try for a while - I always seem to gravitate to the scent in store so obviously, I saved it for last in my Think Pink box (which is finally empty! I'm tempted to do a full round up so watch this space). Sex Bomb definitely didn't disappoint- it's such a rich, jasmine filled smell and the colour was absolutely phenomenal, as you can see. I normally love a bubble bar but the rich, dark pink colour was almost as relaxing as a tub of bubbles and my skin felt so soft and smelt divine afterwards!

I really love this bath bomb and I would definitely repurchase it... In fact I'd go as far as to say it might be my favourite bath bomb so far! 


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