Tartan Scarf - Primark (Similar
Sheer top (just seen) - Dorothy Perkins (Similar)

Over the Easter weekend the LSB (long suffering boyfriend) and I headed to our favourite place in Birmingham - The Wildlife Conservation Centre for the final time as Sam is now in his last year at uni! I know some people don't agree with zoos /conservation centres but personally, I think in a lot of circumstances if the animal is endangered in its natural environment and can be cared for in the most sensible, appropriate and loving way then I think it's a safe place and well worth my time. I would never support cruel places like Seaworld that put profit above animal welfare but I love places that obviously really care about the animals. 

Animal rights speech aside, for our trip I paired my 'Disco' ripped jeans (that after an age of looking for, are still not right - for me they're just not ripped enough but i'm too scared to rip them anymore myself!) with a basic sheer top and my favourite could-be-asos Primark slip ones. I threw on my huge tartan scarf / blanket and my practically vintage Miss Selfridge leather jacket as this was before the current heat wave so I needed to keep warm. For me this was a pretty basic outfit, even Sam commented on how 'sensibly' I was dressed - head to toe in my favourite colour of course! I love this outfit for the perfect weekend look when I need to dash around probably doing some errands.

Whats your go-to outfit? 



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