Aka the "coachella"

Duster Jacket - Primark (Similar)

Elephant print gypsy top - Primark (Similar) 

Although it's now over for another year (and I still haven't got my invite!) April, for me, means only one thing: Coachella! I love looking to what the celebs wear as inspiration for my summer wardrobe and love the boho vibe that drenches the festival.

I noticed this year there was more of a laidback vibe, the 90s 'don't care' influence was in full force and as a result there seemed to be a lot less maxi skirts and more two pieces and a more simplistic way of dressing. While I love the 70's feel (keep your eyes peeled for a post ft. this gorgeous skirt) i'm definitely more of a casual 90's girl at heart - give me a scrunchie over a flower crown anyday!  For my Coachella inspired look I paired this beautiful Topshop lace dress with a duster coat for a really interesting but simple look- I think they really flow together and look so casual. I then chucked on this bargain boho Primark crop top underneath because, hey, it wouldn't be Coachella without a little bit of boho, right? 

What would you wear to Coachella? 



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