Brow Zings:

You might have seen me raving about the bargain Collection 'Work The Colour' Eyebrow kit and I really do love the Collection kit and wish it well in future but the truth is, well, i've met someone else.... 

Progressing to more natural eyebrows has, for me, been a very long time coming but i'm hesitantly giving it a go armed with this little Benefit beauty... ok it's not so much a 'new' product as a revisit; i've used Brow-Zing in the past and I love all the stuff and the guide you get included. Previously, though, I used all of the powder, the angled brush and the tweezers but truthfully, I never really knew what to do with the wax which meant I totally wasted it. However, after giving the Brow-Zing lesson a proper read, I felt ready to tackle natural brows and, wow am I glad I did! First of all I use the angled brush to apply the dark wax over my natural brows, then use the blending brush to apply the powder to any sparse areas and to define my brow arch (because those things do not define themselves, let me tell you!). Finally I pluck out any strays with the amazing mini tweezers and ta-dah! I'm ready to rock my new, more natural looking brows.

What's your must-have brow product? Any other natural brow converts? 



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