Leeds Food & Drink Festival Launch:

On Thursday night I headed to Epernay in Leeds with one thing on my mind: food! 

It was the launch night for Leeds' annual food and drink festival and I was invited to Epernay to see the line up and get some tasters. I've never been to Epernay but I was wowed as soon as I walked in- with its exposed brickwork, well stocked bar and friendly staff it's definitely somewhere i'll be heading to again. Not what I expected from a Chapamgne bar but even better; it was intimate and relaxed and it's definitely the kind of place you can relax after work with a few drinks - definitely a Friday night kinda place. 

 On arrival we were given the choice between champagne or a early tester of the new Red Bull flavours - my friend and I both tried the new Red Bull Cranberry mixed with Vodka (which we loved) before I moved onto the new Red Bull Tropical mixed with Rum which I can quickly see becoming my summer drink of choice: it was fruity without being sickly and went down very well. After a couple of drinks and a quick explore we were told we'd be getting some 'samples' from Almost Famous, the burger joint across the road, and when they arrived we were all amazed! Teeny tiny (and very filling, don't let the size fool you) burgers arrived on plates and there was more enough, i'd say it was more like a course than a sample! I did feel incredibly sorry for the boys that dropped them off because they were mobbed but hey, great Instagram-worthy food is no joke. I tried out the plain burger and the pulled pork and coleslaw topped burger (much to the delight of the photographer who snapped a whole host of cringe pictures of me tucking into my burger!) and both burgers were amazing - another place to add to my never ending 'Must Go' list for Leeds. 

Armed with a mini burger and another Red Bull & Rum (I told you they went down well) we got the chance to pour over the information i'd been given out the festival and my friend and I both agreed that, if you're West Yorkshire based, you definitely need to head down and check the festival out; there's everything from Thai to burgers and even a full week dedicated to cocktails (which runs over my birthday! Coincidence? I think not..). It's amazing that we get such a great event to celebrate some of the cities best eateries and bars and any festival where we get to stuff your face with fresh food and potent cocktails rather than Strongbow is my kinda festival. We wrapped up our evening after having another explore and checking out the incredibly well stocked bar in Epernay before heading for our train home. 

I had a great evening at Epernay with its beautiful interior (those Champagne bottles with candles in are offically my new interior inspiration!) and massive thank you's to the people from Almost Famous and Red Bull for their tasty extras - I can't wait to check out the rest of the Food and Drink Festival now!



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