Primark Kohl Eyeliner:

Kohl Eyeliner - Primark 

Anyone that knows me will know I like my eyeliner dark. I channel a Effie Stonem look pretty much 90% of the time and as much as I admire people's nude / subtle smokey eyes, I know I'll never give up my beloved Kohl. 

I actually picked this Kohl up last year when my boyfriend left it until I arrived into Birmingham at 7.30pm on Halloween to tell me we needed to be at a fancy dress party in an hour's time. Panicked, I rushed to Primark, bought some cheap eyeliner and drew whiskers on myself (original, I know!). However I ended up really loving this eyeliner for its actual purpose - it's thick, dark and the crayon like texture means it's precise to put on and barely budges. For some reason I had a preconceived notion Kohl was really smudgy, dark eyeliner but this £1 beauty is easy to build up- one swipe is perfect for an every day, wearable look but a few applications give me the dramatic look I love. 

After using Primark's Shampoo and now their eyeliner I can't believe how impressive the Primark beauty range is for such good prices - I can't wait to try out more! 



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