The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil:

I know I'm a little bit late to this party (you can tell by my battered, much used bottle!) but I'm not the kinda girl that can review a product (especially for my temperamental, sensitive skin) after a couple of uses; I like to give it a couple of weeks and in this case, a few months of using the product to see how it fits into my skincare routine. You might have seen this oil pop up in a few posts so I thought it was time I talked about it in detail. 

As any readers of WGDN will know, I absolutely adore The Body Shop and pretty much anything they release as this over night oil is no exception. I originally bought this oil for my mum but she found it a little too heavy on her oily skin so it was passed back to me and for my dry skin it's heaven in a bottle. I apply the oil after removing my make-up and apply it to my face (one drop to each cheek, my nose, my forehead and my neck) before vigorously rubbing it in. I wake up with gorgeous hydrated skin that's the perfect base for my makeup and I think it's also working wonders against any spots that I get. This product is definitely ideal for us folk with dry skin because it's so hydrating but if you lower the amount you use I can see it working just as well for oily skinned girls and guys. 

I absolutely love this oil - it's definitely become a skin care must have!



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