Shoes - ZARA via eBay (similar - and so cheap!)
Clutch - Tunisia (similar

So as you may have seen on my last post (or on my twitter / instagram) it was my 21st birthday last week! My parents, my boyfriend and I went into Leeds City Centre for some cocktails and some seriously kick ass Mexican food- Neon Cactus on Call Lane is my new favourite place!

 I, of course, wore my favourite colour head to toe and accessorised with some birthday treats; the gorgeous Olivia Burton watch that i've linked and a new Pandora bracelet that is officially my new favourite thing! I love how personal they be and can't wait to start building my collection. 

Outfit wise I wore this Topshop lace dress that I actually bought last October and have kept safe since and paired it with these lace up effect heels originally from ZARA; I searched everywhere for a pair of actual barely there, lace up heels to no avail a couple of months ago and ended up this pair (that are actually really comfy!) but they now seem to be popping up everywhere, including the gorgeous ZARA pair i've linked above for only £20! To top off my look I simply added my favourite almost-not-quite Mulberry bag (with my actual Mulberry purse inside, would you like a separate post on that?) and I was ready for a night on the town! I loved this outfit; from the dress I knew was my birthday dress six months ago to a pair of second hand shoes I bought a week before I adore all these items separately and hopefully keeping my outfit is staying true to my natural style and will still look stylish in another 21 years... well a girl can hope!

 I had a fab day and night in all though, can I be 21 every year? 



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