Panache Event:

If you follow me on instagram on twitter, you may have seen that on Wednesday evening I headed down to the Panache Office in Sheffield for a night of exploring. It was great to meet so many Sheffield and fellow Yorkshire bloggers and with it being such a small group of us, it was a much more intimate feeling and luckily, we all got on like a house on fire! 

We were ushered on arrival into the main conference room of the Panache offices which, as you'll see from the pictures, was filled with so many beautiful pieces; there was everything from bras, to bikinis to the award winning sports bra. I'd seen and heard so many rave reviews about the sports bra so it was great to see it - it comes wired and non-wired (depending on your preference!) with the wired version being made of a specially designed wire to stop any discomfort. The separate cups also stop the dreaded 'mono-boob' look (as one of the girls described it!) which I know i've certainly had with sports bras. 

After being stocked up with cakes and sandwiches we had a really in-depth, interesting talk from the three Panache girls: Jenny, Alicia and Debbie who are the head of Marketing, Product Manager and Head of Creative respectively. They're obviously so passionate about their jobs and it's great to see a company really moving with the times and embracing trends whilst still being true to themselves. Jenny works really hard on making sure their adverts are more real than some brands; including less photoshop and the amazing #MyRoleModel campaign which includes so may inspirational people. The design and product management team work hard to make sure their products are fun but still classic and of course, have that famous Panache fit. Judging by the pieces I saw, i'd say they've definitely got this balance right. 

I learnt so much from the talk i'll have to try to condense it. But as a family owned business Panache basically work getting their fit to perfection (they have a 'core range' of bras which they switch up every season) so their customer can be fashionable but know her bra's going to fit her perfectly. This idea really appeals to me; I can't be the only person who's ever bought an amazing bra from somewhere only to go back for another to find they no longer do the same style so the idea of having not only a bra but swimwear and a sports bra in a reliable fit and shape is dreamy. Panache's core pieces means this oh-my-god-they've-stopped-selling-it panic doesn't happen to their customers and they can be reliable with the fit and experiment with the colours, textures, prints.... As you can probably tell, I totally didn't know Panache did this 'core' range but it's something i'd be keen to try - i'm not ashamed to tell you all I only wear one type of brief and would happily extend this to my bras. Well you know what they say, if it ain't broke...

We then headed to the design / production room which is another amazing part of the Panache story, they handmake select pieces and all their samples in this very room (with the amazing thread statement piece on the wall - I so want one of these!) and next door the design team are hard at work. It was really interesting to see that the designers and makers work so close and it obviously makes for a very close knit, in sync team. We then headed back upstairs to the conference room where we looked at more of the pieces in detail and took lots of pictures. 

It's so refreshing to see more and more companies branching out on bigger sizes too - Panache go up to K cup in some of their most gorgeous bras (including the beautiful 'Jasmine' set in the last picture, look at those colours!) so it means bigger busted girls still get to wear beautiful bras which is so important for people, the right bra can make a huge difference to your outfit, posture and mood and why shouldn't you enjoy the style or the colour? Life's too short for bad bras! Whilst on the subject, I also had a bra fitting whilst at Panache (How could I say no?) and well, lets just say I am not the size I thought I was but who ever is? After being totally shocked by my true size*, we headed home after a really interesting, fun evening filled with great people, great bras and a great company - what could be better?  


 PS, Panache were kind enough to gift us not only a goodie bag but a Panache set sent to us too so keep your eyes peeled for a review coming to whatgeorgiadidnext, i'm so excited to own a bra that's actually the correct size! 


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