Primark HAUL:

Work out top - £6
Mermaids have more fun tee - £5
Grey vest - £4
Pendants - £2 each 
Black & White Denim shorts - £3.90 each 

I feel like I haven't posted a Primark haul in forever! I only called in the other day to return a tee and have a look at their work out clothes and ended up with one of huge bags... oops. In fairness, it was mostly boring basics that I needed; the shorts will be perfect for the summer (and a bargain price for a limited time only - go, go, go!) and even though my Primark didn't have many small times, the 10's are comfortable and a great fit. I bought them in black and white, simply because I don't do colour and know these colours will go with everything but there loads of colours available; everything from acid wash denim to hot pink. I also picked up the work out top and matching leggings (that I couldn't make look nice so didn't include, blogger life!) which are both made of that weird lycra work out material. The top and leggings were £6 which I thought was amazing and though the leggings aren't the best quality - i've already noticed some fraying around the crotch after one particularly stretchy yoga session - I'm smitten with the top; I love the flashes of hot pink and it even has a built in bra. I'm going to do a separate post on the work out pieces so keep your eyes peeled! 

Finally I picked up a couple of casual / work out tops - the grey one and the mermaid one. I'm actually heading to Centre Parcs with my boyfriend and his family tomorrow so wanted some casual tee's to throw on when we're doing activities and running around everywhere. I did pair the mermaid tee with the work out gear for a class on Thursday night and received a tonne of compliments for it; I normally hate colour but the quote really made my smile and when i'm working out / on a beach I think the pop of colour is a nice addition. The pendants were another thing I actually went for in the first place after seeing the gold circle a few weeks ago and being unable to stop thinking about it! I love quirky jewellery but tend to veer towards more understated pieces rather than bold so these necklaces are perfect. I bought one in either colour to match all my wardrobe - how could I resist for only £2 each? I did also pick up an amazing folk, cold shoulder top that was too creased to photograph but it'll be featuring in its own outfit post soon so keep your eyes peeled!

A boring but necessary Primark haul from me, although i'm so proud of myself for staying away from the homewear and shoes because Primark are killin' it in these departments this season! 

Have you picked up any bargains recently?



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