ZARA Basics:

Hi world! Sorry for my slight drop off the radar lately; I turned 21 this weekend and instead of being glued to my laptop (as per) I decided to spend some quality time with my nearest and dearest exploring! As a result i'll have lots of exciting posts coming soon and hopefully will be able to block-write to cover my Centre Parcs break next week... what's life without a little bit of chaos?

Whilst on my travels into Leeds last week I accidentally stumbled into ZARA (of course!) because the rest of the high street wasn't really inspiring me and if there's one thing in life I can never resist, it's definitely ZARA basics. While I sometimes find ZARA a little over priced I really can't complain about their basics range - for low prices you can get some serious wardrobe staples.

These tank tops (or vests to us english people!) were only £4.99 each and I was drawn to them by their colours; I love the olive green (which i've loved for a long time!) and the stone was a more stain proof alternative to white that goes great with all black outfits. I've worn both of these tops since buying them last week so can happily confirm they're a great addition to my wardrobe; i've worn them paired with my jeans, pencil skirts and even my denim shorts when the sun poked his head out. My only dilemma now is which colour to go for next?



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