Aveda Smooth Infusion:

I feel as though I haven't talked about haircare in an age which I have to apologise for; I know how hard life is for us Hagrid hair girls and like to share any tips with you all. However, I promise this one has been worth the wait. 

I actually only heard about Aveda's Smooth Infusion cream (which works on straightening / sorting out your natural curls without getting rid of them) when I recently saw a friend who's hair looked amazing. I'm talking super-shiny L'oreal advert hair. In awe, I asked her how she'd got her hair so damn fine and she told me about this little gem. The product is actually called a 'straightener' and you apply it to damp hair before styling. It's sold on the premise of being a natural straightener - to decrease your natural curls and keep the hair sleek and easier to control. However, I found the product didn't make my hair any straighter, it simply defined and de-frizzed my curls and kept them in perfect ringlets minus the flyaways. My hair is also a lot shinier and easier to manage, and actually stays straight when I straighten it (plus I imagine if you use the shampoo, conditioner and straightener you'll see a massive difference). I'm obsessed with the results of using the tiniest amount of this product (be careful, it is super heavy!) and how much it's improved my natural hair. I love any product that helps encourage curls to look their best and this one certainly does that - plus adds so much shine! I'd be really interested to try the full set of haircare to see if my hair continues to improve in condition or if it would become drastically straighter. 

I've played around with a couple of different hairstyles since using this product and have loved the results; as I mentioned my hair actually stays straight when I straighten it instead of starting to curl a couple of hours in and rocking my natural hair no long leaves me looking like cousin IT - what a bonus.

I'm absolutely loving using this product and since a little goes a long way, I can see it becoming a staple for my hair care regime. Have you ever tried it? 



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