ICE BAR @ Bierkeller:

Last Thursday night I headed into Leeds City Centre to get cold. The recent heatwave has been hard work for us office workers so when an email inviting me to try out the pop up frozen bar in Leeds I couldn't say no!

The Ice Bar is a 12 week pop up feature in the Bierkeller (which, coincidentally is my favourite bar in Leeds!) and is nestled on the top floor in the sports bar. We arrived at 6.30 and were greeted with prosecco and plenty of nibbles. We also got the chance to chat with other bloggers as we were in a small-ish group of about 25. There was no rush, not too much noise and plenty of food so we all got to have a great chat which I always enjoy; it was great to see the always-lovely Diane and also to meet Deimante - they both have fab blogs that i'll link so check out them! 

After our drinks we were handed a silver poncho each (not quite the Halle Berry in Die Another Day vibe I was going for!) and the doors were opened.. I'm not 100% sure what I was expecting but wow, it was seriously cold! I had sandals on and after about ten minutes I had to start scrunching them to get the feeling back into them! Not very glam but really authentic. The walls, bar and sofa's were completely made of ice with the floor being normal. The space is compact so it'd be great to get a few friends and hire it for an evening; it comfortably fit our 25 with plenty of room for picture taking! We got to play boules on a frozen ring for the chance to win a free shot, lounge on the frozen sofa (on a blanket of course!) and there was even an amazing bear ice sculpture. I've never been in an ice bar before so it was really surreal for me to see bottles of alcohol, nestled on frozen shelves and to see the quotes frozen into the walls! A few people there said they'd been to others and while you can tell the bar isn't permanent by the floor and the slight lack of individuality, it's a great use of the space and really thoughtfully done. After a few pictures, we watched the bar man make some drinks, had a few more games of boules and took some pictures before shrugging off our ponchos and heading home (and getting some feeling back in our toes!). 

I really enjoyed the Ice Bar; I think it's an interesting concept (especially in the middle of summer!) and made an exciting change from your typical bar. Sure the space was a bit small and i'd love to have seen a more interesting floor space but for a quirky pop up feature, it's something i'd definitely recommend. 

Have you ever been to an ice bar? Would you go to the Pop-Up one? 



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