LUSH "Flowering Tea" Bath Soak:

Flowering Tea Bath Soak (Oxford Street Exclusive)

Well, aren't I the fancy one with my exclusive bath soak?! I'm totally kidding, I actually only got this bath soak thanks to one of my lovely friends that works at LUSH and brought me this beauty back from a festival LUSH held (have I ever talked about how awesome LUSH are? I wish my work held festivals...).

I was really interested in the concept of this 'soak'; it's similar to the Christmas wands in that you run it under the water and it's reusable. As you can see from the pictures it's actually shaped like a teabag which I thought was a lovely, novelty effect and made the bath soak really strong - it didn't fall off in the string into the bath straight away like I expected! I simply held the soak under the taps and I have to stay, this product is amazing. It starts bubbling straight away and you end up with a bath full of really thick, luxurious bubbles that lasted really well (even after I tipped in a bottle of bath oil without thinking). I've also read that there's a surprise centre which I can't wait to get to. In terms of the smell, I think this is definitely one of my favourites. Although I love the sweetness of The Comforter (anyone that knows me will know I am notorious for my love of sickly sweet smells) sometimes you just want to relax into a grown up, musky floral bubble bath and that's where the Flowering Tea Soak comes in. I'm rubbish at describing smells but it smells exactly like a mix of Jasmine and Earl Grey- the perfect mix of a subtle, grown up floral mixed with a much muskier tea inspired smell which is just divine. I'd love to see this soak brought out in more stores and a perfume maybe... i'm not even ashamed to tell you all I've been storing this soak in my wardrobe so the smell hits me everytime I open it... heavenly!

This Soak is definitely one i'd reccomend if you're in the Oxford Street store. Sure, it might not be as shiny and sparkling as some of the exclusives, but for a great bubble bath (with so many bubbles!) it's definitely a re-purchase for me.
Have you tried any of the Oxford St exclusives? I'd love to see your posts!



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