You may have seen the most amazing looking food on my instagram this week as I headed to the launch of 'Nourish' - a healthy fast food joint based on Bond Street in the centre of Leeds. Nourish also have another shop in Sheffield which was the original so this is the second one - and i'm so happy it's in Leeds!

We were ushered upstairs as soon as we arrived after finding Nourish with no problems. We then helped ourselves to a range of tasty, healthy drinks (that are all sold in Nourish!) whilst looking over the menu. We then chatted and admired the decor before David, the founder of Nourish told us a little bit more about his company. The idea of Nourish is very simple; it's a really healthy, well sourced and well thought out menu that combines good food with the ease of a take away / fast food. I love this idea because personally, I love eating healthily but struggle to find time and really struggle as a vegetarian to find fast food meals that aren't meat based or fat packed. Every little thing is thought off at Nourish though so you don't have to worry about hidden fats; even their honey comes from local Leeds bee's! I love this sort of attitude and find it refreshing in fast food. I also really admired David's obvious passion - as a nutritionist he knows what works for people and this is reflected in the menu. There's everything from protein pancakes, to curries, to toast and protein shakes... something for everyone!

After a brief talk we then got to the best bit - the food! We tried the green smoothie and the high-protein, low-carb shake first up and were seriously impressed. My dad's a total fitness buff and loves his protein shakes but i've never been sure... this low-carb shake totally changed my mind though! It was a really fresh, almond tasting drink and i'm already wanting to try it at home. Embarrassingly, i've never tried a green smoothie but it was completely what I expected - super healthy and refreshing! We then tried out the Thai Vegetable Curry and the Super Food Salad and for the meat eaters, a Chicken Satay and a Salmon Salad. I absolutely loved the food; the Thai Curry was so creamy and the accompanying vegetables were cooked perfectly. I was little apprehensive about the Super Food Salad but actually really enjoyed it; it was a great mix of textures and flavours and it's nice that the food at Nourish isn't gimmicky health food; it's genuinely healthy, tasty, well sourced food. Although I obviously didn't have any, I have it on good authority that the Chicken Satay was also amazing so I really hope they do a Veggie option in the future!

After our food we had another chat with David and learnt some more about Nourish. I loved the feeling of the place and the ethics; as a new veggie it's great to see places that cater really well for us while keeping the carnivores happy too! I can't wait to go back to Nourish, it's great to have a really honest, healthy fast food place that sells the most divine protein shakes and Thai Curry i've ever tasted. Nourish also do breakfast before 11am which includes lots of free-range egg options... if you're ever in Leeds before 11am it's definitely the place to go!

Would you try out Nourish? 



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