Primark Haul:

Sandals - £8
Bucket Bag - £7
Brown Saddle Bag - £9 
Ring Pack - £3 
Kiss The Boys Tunic - £2

In all my City Girls excitment this week I almost forgot to post a new, very regular, most favourite post - a Primark Haul! The first thing I want to talk about, though, is Primark's prices! £9 for a cross body bag?! Primark might still be the cheapest around but those prices are going up..

Regardless, I picked up some basics when I headed in this month - I like to wear more brown in the summer as black can be a little harsh, and always have to have matching bag and shoes so picked up both items in a tan shade. I love the sandals and even although they're wide fit, they don't feel paticularly big on my dwarf feet which is a plus. For almost £10 i'm not obsessed with the embossed saddle bag but it is a good size and feels reasonable quality (she says, through gritted teeth). The bucket bag was definitely my favourite buy; i've wanted a bag this style for ages and the black and gold detailing means it goes perfectly with my TOPSHOP Niche Sandals: I actually paired them together for the City Girls event and had compliments on them both! I love it when that happens and it's definitely a bonus for a bargain bag. The rings sort of accidentally-on-purpose fell in my basket - I really don't need them but I love the aesthetic of them and know they'll live on my fingers when the summer finally kicks in. Finally, the tunic was a bargain buy that I'd been eyeing up before the sale (is there anything better than when that happens?) which made me smile and fits great.

Overall a mix of things i'd totally convinced myself I needed and some extras, of course! I love the pieces i've picked up though, I think they look a lot more expensive than the usual Primark bargains and can't wait to start featuring them in some OOTD's.

Have you picked anything up from Primark recently? Any more hauls?



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