River Island Haul:

Pacha Vest (Similar)
Couture Longline Tee (similar)
Mesh Longline Tee / Dress (similar)

Just so you all know, there is nothing I hate more than scrolling through pages of sale goods on websites looking for the items i've bought to link them all for you - 9/10 I can't find the actual items (when I know they're still in store, how annoying!) and I often end up eyeing up even more clothes... oops. 

As soon as I saw that the River Island sale had started on Thursday I knew I had to go check it out. I love the River Island sales because they're always great value and it's always current stock so you get to buy things you night have only been eyeing up the week before - is there anything more satisfying? For example, the mesh effect longline dress / tee i'd tried on the week before my birthday but decided £26 was way too much for a see through dress. So when it went through the tills at £12 I was over the moon! I love those moments. As you can see, I picked up two dresses - the tight black one with the zip detailing on the front to wear on nights out that's so flattering and the suede one was another one that i'd been eyeing up before the sale - it's perfect for the 70s revival that's happening at the moment. I then picked up two longline tee's which are the one's that look like dresses with the splits on either side. I've really been loving this style recently and think it's the perfect way to dress up a jeans-and-tee lazy day combo. Finally, I picked up this gorgeous Pacha beaded floaty vest which will be great for throwing on over a bikini on holiday and will work equally as well with jeans for less sunny days in the UK!

I'm really happy with my sale pieces - have you picked anything up in the River Island sale?



  1. I love that suede dress! I am in desperate need of a dress like this ❤️
    Bee xxx

    1. Ah thank you! It's a complete bargain at £20 and so comfy! Definitely pick one up if you can! Xx


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