The City Girls Event:

As you probably saw from my instagram and twitter, on Saturday I headed to the Liquorist bar in Leeds for the second ever The City Girls event! I was super excited to go and as a result it's taken me so long to write this post! Hope you're ready...

I arrived at the Liquorist early (which never happens for me!) and got the chance to meet Sarah and Arielle while we hung around the gorgeous bar. I've never been to the Liquorist but I think I would happily move in tomorrow; the decor was a beautiful mix of art-deco and industrial and after we'd ordered a drink we were ushered upstairs which was just as light and beautiful as we expected. I had the 'English Country Garden' to drink which was a beautiful (and really refreshing!) mix of elderflower, gin and pressed apple juice; the perfect fuel for my busy day! We were then ushered upstairs where Lorna and Holly-Lucy, the founders of The City Girls, gave us a quick talk about their concept and their ideas. It was great to hear more about their passion for The City Girls and it was genuinely lovely to see how hard they've worked and how much it's paid off! We then heard from Suzie, from Leeds' Women Aid- the charity of choice to be supported by the City Girls. It was completely eye-opening but inspiring to hear from Suzie about seriously real issues: unfortunately domestic violence is still a very real problem so it was inspiring to hear about how hard Women's Aid work to help victims and £400 was raised by The City Girls raffle which made us all feel as though we'd made a difference - what an amazing feeling! 

After our two inspiring talks we were left to explore and didn't know where to start! The brands varied from Voss Water, Benefit Cosmetics, Kendelle, Manuka Doctor, Nails by Ivy, Michael O'Mara Books, The Body Shop, Virture Drinks, Twig & Dot, Urban Fruit and Oates & Co. We also recieved a heap of goodies from other brands in our goodie bags which i'll be putting in their own post later this week! Phew.. 

We were treated to a eye makeover by the lovely Mel from Benefit (who compared my make-up to a Kardashian's and immediately became my new favourite person) where e were introduced to the 'They're Real' Colour Liners which are amazing! I went for the green, which is a colour i'd never normally go for, but against my signature gold smokey eye it looked so glamorous- I can't wait to feature the look in it's own post! We also met two lovely ladies from The Body Shop who told us all about their new fragrance, Italian Summer Fig, which launches this autumn and smells absolutely divine! I honestly can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it. We also tested some of their 'Drops of Youth' range which is targeted at younger people worried about the first sign of anti ageing. I'll definitely be checking this range out because i've recently started noticing lines around my eyes and I am not happy about it! After a personalised The City Girls cupcake (which were amazing!) we headed over to the insanely talented 'Nails by Ivy' where I added a statement Chevron nail (see it here!) as we watched the raffle. I actually didn't buy a ticket as I had no change on me (what can I say! I'm like the queen..) but there were some great prizes including a Panache set, Twig & Dot candles and perfume!

After the excitement of the raffle the event started to wind down, giving us all a little more time to get to know each other which is my favourite part - there's nothing better than meeting a group of like minded people who just want to have a nice day and as a result we all chatted, tweeted and were laughing together within 5 minutes of walking into the event and it's moments like that that really make these events special and is the whole point of this sort of thing. Lorna then received a very special delivery - a box of Brown & Blond Brownies! I managed to nab the very last Amaretto one (divine, so so divine...) which I devoured before instagramming because it was just too damn good! We carried on chatting over our brownies and it was so lovely to see Lorna's excitement and pride about the event - it was rightly deserved! Also shout out to her sister Kirsty who ran around taking pictures all day and fit right in! After a couple more pictures we were given a goodie bag each and said our goodbyes... I was actually so sad to go after such a good day and already can't wait for the next one!

Huge thanks obviously go to Lorna & Holly-Lucy and organising such a fab event, inviting us all and being such lovely girls too and to all the other bloggers and the brands: I honestly had the most lovely day packed full of meeting lots of lovely people and trying out new make up, nails and skin care I wouldn't normally try - what could be better?

Did you go to The City Girls event? Send me your links if you did, i'd love to see your post! 



  1. Hey lovely! So glad to hear you had such a great time with us on Saturday! Was so good to meet you - and I agree, HOW GOOD WERE THOSE BROWNIES! Haha! Lovely post, hope you're enjoying your goodie bag as well!! xx

    1. Aw thank you! Thank you so much for having me, glad you enjoyed the post! I'm honestly still dreaming about that brownie! It was fantastic! Goodie bag was never ending and amazing!!! Still working my way through and taking pictures! Xx

  2. Lovely post! I have chevron nails too from the event and love them! Hope you enjoy your candle too.. You picked my fave scent! 😍

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post :) I think most of us went for the chevron, it just looked so good! I'm loving the candle too although I daren't light it! It's way too pretty to light! Xx

  3. They couldn't get rid of me. Zack & I were the last to leave. I'm such a gasser lol. It was a great day though & it was so lovely to meet lots of great brands & bloggers. See you again soon x
    Donna -


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