It seems like an age since I took these pictures at the V&A Museum!
 In fairness, it was over a month ago now that me and the long-suffering boy headed into London for the Alexander McQueen exhibition. Unfortunately it's no pictures allowed in the exhibition but since i'd never been to the V&A, I found plenty to photograph. 

The exhibition itself exactly what I expected - totally inspiring and a fantastic insight into the mind of the late, great, McQueen but I was so disappointed by how busy the space was; the museum let a group in every 15 minutes which meant you couldn't hang around to study anything but couldn't race ahead to anything - I rushed ahead to see the famous Armadillo heels but ended up stuck behind a bunch of much taller people who had the same idea. The same goes for the main room; you couldn't get close to the walls and if you did, you were immediately jammed in. I just found the whole experience slightly rushed and claustrophobic but hopefully we just went on a bad day. I'd love to visit late night, which is an option the V&A have just announced for the last two weeks and I imagine in more peace it's the best place in the world. 

We also managed to catch the 'Fashion through the Ages' free exhibition which I really enjoyed - I love seeing the history of clothes and how fashions change and sometimes come full circle. It was amazing to see so many donated pieces that obviously had a story to tell and the really rare, vintage pieces that were timeless in their beauty. I also got see some of the set-up for the Shoes: Pleasure & Pain exhibition which looked incredible. I'm not a huge shoe person but, again, i'm so interested in the history of fashion that it looked fascinating - hopefully there'll be a handbag one in time for my move down south later this year! We then wandered around the rest of the museum and saw so many inspiring tapestries, statues and paintings - I ended up memorised by a huge, biblical tapestry and actually sat and listened to the full audio description on a really comfy chair in complete peace (while Sam checked out the furniture section, the boy's taking our move very seriously!) which was total heaven. We then headed to the equally stunning cafe for great coffee and cake before moving onto the Natural History Museum which... well, lets just say you could have left me in the V&A!

I had a really wonderful first trip to the V&A and can't wait to go back. What did you think of the Alexander McQueen exhibition? 



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