Giving Goats Milk a Go With St Helens:

I don't really feature food on the blog as much as i'd like to; I love my food and as a recently converted veggie i'm really interested in ethically sourced animal based foods that taste amazing and also, taste a little bit different to spice up my staple meals. 
 So, when St Helen's contacted me at the end of June and asked if i'd like to try out their Goats Milk I didn't hesitate to say yes - I absolutely love goats cheese and after reading more about St Helen's (who have been goat farming for almost 30 years! That's a lot of milk) I loved their passion for their products and their animals and instantly I knew I had to give goats milk a go

Goat's Milk is what it says - the milk from goats, instead of cows. St Helens, as I mentioned, are pure dairy goat farmers and have been since their start. This made me incredibly happy because as a veggie, it makes me so sad to think of my milk coming from a farm where animals are killed so a dairy only farm suits me. Sensitive, I know! Goat's Milk is a great alternative for any lactose intolerant people - I know I've recently become more sensitive to cows milk and as dairy is such a staple part of my diet, I found the goats milk to be a total life saver in this regard - I can enjoy a glass of milk or crackers and cheese without that awful lactose bloat that I get after cows milk.

I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of products I got as well! I was expecting maybe some cheese and milk so when the freezer bag came packed with yoghurts (honey & raspberry / lemon), all three varieties of milk (skimmed, semi skimmed & full fat), natural yoghurt (fat free & original), two blocks of cheese (mature & creamy), spreadable cheese, butter plus some cups and the cutest goat teddy, I was so excited! I couldn't believe there's so much choice in the goats milk products and St Helens also produce cream and ice cream - heavenly! We quickly started taste testing the products and I was amazed. Goats milk has its own unique flavour that, honestly, I think I prefer to cows milk - it's creamier while tasting so much more natural. It sounds crazy, but if you've ever had goat milk / cheese before you'll know what I mean. The flavours are so much stronger while still being really subtle; I found the honey yoghurt were the perfect mix of the creamy milk and the sweet honey taste. I loved these yoghurt's and along with the cream cheese, have already repurchased them! There were, of course, some stand out products for me - especially the cream cheese which, due to the creamy taste of goats milk, was just amazing and tasted like Philadelphia but better. We also really enjoyed the milk and the natural yoghurt's - I found the stronger flavour of goats milk worked better with low fat products as the natural creaminess stopped that vile watery sensation cows milk tends to cause. I had the two varieties of goats milk every morning topped with fruit, linseed and nuts and honestly, looked forward to it every day. My mum also prepared her and my dad a lasagne using the cheeses and said again, the flavours worked so well and the natural creaminess made the gooiest, yummiest lasagne she's ever made!

As you can tell, we've been totally converted to goats milk and I can't thank St Helens enough for introducing me to it! Anything that stops the dreaded lactose-bloat and is animal friendly whilst tasting amazing is always a winner for me and as I said, we've already repurchased some St Helen's products from Waitrose and i'll definitely be buying more. If you're new to Goats Milk and wanted some starter products i'd definitely recommend the cream cheese, the natural yoghurt and the milk. I feel like these are staple products that really show off the flavour of the goats milk and work well in different recipes. Also, if you try out the goats milk ice cream you have to let me know what it's like - I bet that stuff is divine!

You can find St Helens products in selected Sainsburies, Waitrose, Tesco, Co-Op, Ocado and Morrisons stores and you can, of course, buy it online (and maybe recieve your very own goat plush!).


*These products were sent to me to review but all opinions are my own 


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