First up i'd just like to apologise about how late this post is! I actually had it written, edited and ready to go but blogger somehow managed to delete it... after i'd spent nearly an hour getting it just right.. not annoying at all.

Anyway, as you might have seen on my instagram and twitter last week, my daddy and I headed to Slate NQ for a taster as I was lucky enough to be invited along. Since it was the day before my dad's birthday and I was going for pool and pizza (two of my dads favourites!) I knew we had to go spend some quality daddy-daughter time. It was an easy 10 minute walk from the station to Merrion St, where Slate is based so we got there at 6pm and had a drink at the bar while listening to the amazing music! We chilled out listening to everything from The Strokes, to The Stones to Franz Ferdinand, it was so different from the usual Top 40 playsuit most bars play and we heard some classics! This was a great call as it meant we got to check out the interior and look around a little. The interior is what i've come to expect from Leeds bars; industrial and a little bit glamorous. There's are open bar and an open cooking area which makes the whole place feel really social. I love this look and think Slate have done it perfectly - it isn't too pretentious, it's just a nice, chilled out space that's perfect for hanging out in. My dad and I both agreed Slate is a really versatile space; you could go for after work drinks, spending an evening playing pool (great date night idea!) or spend a sunny day on the huge roof terrace. After a quick drink and chat at the bar we were ushered into Slate's main attraction - their pool room! As you can see from my pictures, this part of Slate is just off the main bar area and has four tables plus a seating area and a few seats dotted around. I loved the seating as it meant if you're like me, you can stop and take a seat to instagram your cocktails... hey it's the little things! After a couple of games of pool (where I can't lie, my dad totally kicked my ass!) we ordered cocktails; I went for the Elderflower Martini which was really refreshing but sweet, and my dad went for the 'Gem Of Piacenza' which was a mixture of coffee, rum ad vanilla syrup... I had total drink envy because it was so tasty - and he even got a love heart on top! I'd totally order the Gem Of Piacenza again and there were some really interesting sounding cocktails on the menu so i'd love to go and check them all out!

After our cocktails (and a couple more losses at pool for me..) we were escorted back into the main bar area and given a menu. Now, i'm a girl that loves her food so I was totally over whelmed at the menu! The pizza's were just like the cocktails for me; they were all so individual and there were some really amazing combinations. My dad ordered the BBQ pulled pork pizza and I went for the vegetarian which even included artichoke - not just the bog standard peppers and tomatoes! We also got a portion of chips to share which we agreed was an amazing call. I have serious issues with fries, ok? I hate hate HATE those god awful skimpy bits of hardly cooked potatoes so we ordered the 'thick cut chips' with a little trepidation but we were really impressed! They were really chunky, perfectly fried, almost wedges that were coated in pepper - amazing! I didn't manage to finish my pizza (my eyes were so much bigger than my belly!) but I polished off most of the chips with no problem - they were heavenly! You could leave me in Slate's bar with a cocktail and a portion of those chips and i'd be a really happy G. Our pizza's were amazing too and well worth a mention - they were the most perfect, crispy base and we had so many toppings! I was so impressed with the amount of veg I actually got on my pizza, there was no scrimping and my dad confirmed his pulled pork was equalling as tasty and falling to bits - just how he likes it! Once we'd polished off our pizza' we relaxed in our booth with another drink to do some serious people watching. There's a great mix of people that go to Slate, from after work people to students and just people enjoying pizza like us. We were also treated to a look around the room upstairs (the place is like a tardis!) where there were more, bigger pool tables, a separate bar and direct access to the rood terrace which would be the perfect place for a party. 

Slate really has got it all and with such friendly staff (our 3 servers were SO helpful, friendly and funny which really enhanced the experience!) and great food, plus the quirkiness of the pool I think it'll do really well and personally, I can't wait to go back for another pool 'n' pizza night! Who's with me? 


*I was given a complimentary meal, cocktails and game of pool by Slate NQ in exchange for my review but all opinions are my own. 


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