LUSH Fairy Dust:

You wanna know what I think is the best thing about winter? You can keep your firework night, your coats, your dark evenings and hot chocolate... i'm all about Snow Fairy season. Yep, as soon as October rolls around it only means one thing for me - the sweetest, pinkest, sparkliest shower gel and it's new counter part glittery talc, Fairy Dust. I was lucky enough to be gifted Fairy Dust (because I have the best friends in the world) and so immediately had to use it and as per, I wasn't disappointed!
Like I said, Fairy Dust is basically the consistency of a talcum powder (albeit being a pink, sparkly talc) with the scent of Snow Fairy (and it smells exactly the same! Unlike the disappointing 'Father Christmas' bath bomb!) and lots and lots of glitter. Whoever invented Fairy Dust needs a promotion in my opinion because this stuff rocks. I've been applying it post shower to my arms and chest and it smells so sweet, it's a great base for sweet perfumes, great on its own and really, really good to enhance the smell of Snow Fairy and make you smell like Tinkerbell allll day. I actually just used Snow Fairy in the shower, then Fairy Dust post shower the other day and received a few compliments on how nice I smelt which is great for a shower gel & talc combination! My only problem with Fairy Dust is the sparkliness but that's purely because my body lotion also contains 'a hint of shimmer' (read - a tonne of glitter) in it so when I wear my lotion and Fairy Dust together, I basically turn into Edward Cullen / a disco ball but hey, it's better than being pale and drab, right? 

I absolutely love this product - i'm so happy LUSH are extending their Snow Fairy range and I never thought i'd be so excited about a talc! I've said it before but LUSH are definitely the experts at taking a basic product and making it something special. And, of course, the product is vegan and suitable for sensitive skin and with it being a talc, it's super light on the skin and sinks in really well. 
Have you tried Fairy Dust? 



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