Make-Up Essentials:

I'm not really one for light anything - I don't travel light and i've never been the sort of girl who can just nip to the shops with no makeup on. However, thanks to my recent move to the south, i've been rushed off my feet everyday and enjoying lazy days in equal measure plus, unfortunately, the majority of my makeup collection is still in storage *sob*. As a result, i've found myself avoiding foundation and eyeshadows and adopting a 'less is more' kinda face that still gives me the coverage (and the brows!) I can't live without. 

I do always start with a primer, however i'm currently using up Benefit's 'Porefessional' so it wasn't in a pretty enough state to photograph and therefore it didn't make the cut! I then mix Garnier's famous BB cream with 'High Beam'. I picked the BB cream up in a 99p store so there wasn't much choice in the shades and it is a little too dark for me, but mixing with High Beam lightens it and gives me a really nice, summery glow that I appreciate in the winter! I love this BB cream - it manages to feel really lightweight when I apply it, but gives a really consistent, quite thick coverage that I love as a base or on its own for a everyday look. I also then use High Beam as a highlighter on my cheeks and my jaw line to try and contour a little bit of definition in them (!) and again, give me a little bit of a glow. I love that High Beam is so easy to build up and versatile, it's definitely become my make up must have. I then always add a little bit of mascara to define my eyes.. at the minute i'm reaching for Avon's 'Big & Daring' which gives fantastic coverage, look out for this in its own post coming soon!
And then finally, my favourite part, the eyebrows. I start by filling my brows in the middle medium brown colour in the Collection kit, then defining the shape (and that all important eyebrow arch!) with Benefit's Brow Zing then finally, fill in any spare spots with MUA's eyebrow pencil. I also use the spool brush on the end of the eyebrow pencil to blend my eyebrows to make sure they're the same, matching colour. I find the MUA pencils such good value for £1, although they don't have the lasting power of my preferred powder, its great for filling in gaps and the little spool brush that comes attached is easily the best thing for guaranteeing even brows! 

So that's my makeup basics! What are your basic essentials? 



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