Topshop Mac:

You might have seen this coat feature on my instagram recently and after trying it on, I fell instantly in love with it and had to have it (despite trying to save money.. as always!) however, at the time Topshop had 20% student discount and I've wanted a camel jacket for the longest time so couldn't resist. 

As you can see, the jacket is a really lightweight, camel colour cotton material so hey, it's not waterproof but it does look amazing and layers up like a dream. I purposely got this jacket a little bigger than I needed so I could wear it over an abundance of winter layers but if you do want to purchase it, make sure you size down! I personally didn't struggle with the sizing, like I said I sized up but did think, for a small size it feels huge (For reference, i'm a 8-10 and bought it in a 8.. however I do normally buy jackets in a 6-8 because i'm petite) but allllll the reviews were talking about how big fitting it is so don't be caught out. As any long time readers will know, I absolutely do not do colour so I think this jacket in its neutral shade works really well with my monochrome wardrobe, but I can imagine it working just as well with a really autumnal palette. The mac is made of a really lightweight, cotton material which I really like but for £89 I can understand why some people would think it's over priced.. however, I know i'll live in this mac in spring and autumn for years to come because it's such a classic so for me, it's totally worth it. I don't mind paying a little for a winter coat because I like a different one every winter but for transitional items, I like to pay a bit more and know they'll last. 

I absolutely love this jacket and can't stop wearing it! It's pefect for autumn and will work just as well layered up in winter. I'm so happy I've finally got a mac - it was definitely worth the wait. 



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