Yankee Candle in 'Snowflake Cookie':

First up, i'd like to apologise to the world for my blogging break - you might remember around Christmas time I went totally off the radar to enjoy some quality time with my nearest and dearest and basically, i've been doing exactly the same in the last couple of weeks. At the time of writing this, my boyfriend and I will be moving into our first flat together (and i'll be moving cross country - eek!) tomorrow so life the last couple of weeks has just been a whir of seeing my family and friends and packing. So. Much. Packing.. how I collect so much stuff i'll never know. Our new flat doesn't have internet as of yet, but i'm hoping to write up tonnes of posts to publish and just use good ol' 3G to keep me up to speed! Anyway, now you're caught up, lets get back to the candle!

Lets get one thing stated first (and risk making myself a pariah in the blogging /general life community) I hate winter; I suffer badly with the cold, have a vitamin D deffincy and generally hate the dark / cold. Plus, winter clothes are really expensive! So, to ease my winter pain, I like to crack open a Christmas scented candle as soon as October rolls around. This time, I went for 'Snowflake Cookie'. The smell of this candle is amazing - it smells like a mix of baking (duh), similar to the Vanilla Frosting candle, mixed with a really sweet, pefumey smell. If you've ever smelt 'Pink Sands', imagine that mixed with baking. It is a super sweet, fragrant smell.... until it burns. Snowflake Cookie is one of the more expensive Yankee Candles (you can get the cheaper ' Simply Home' ones at ASDA) so I was excepting it to smell strong (i'm all about that value for money life) but it really doesn't. I've had the candle lit, next to my bed all evening for a week so the burn time is fantastic but I can't smell it! I like candles to be quite strong scented but this is much more subtle - it's a scent that if you leave the room and leave it burning, you notice the smell when you walk in but if you light it while you're in the room it's too subtle to notice. Like I said, I like my candles to be value for money; I like to light one and be able to smell it, strongly, all night. However with Snowflake Cookie i've found it's a good 'small room' candle or good to enhance the smell of other candles - for example i've been lighting this and the Strawberry scented IKEA candles together to get a really sweet, fragrant smell but to be honest, I resent doing that when it's not a cheap candle and it just smells sweet, not christmassy or with any real depth like I was hoping. 

I'll continue burning this candle and like I said, it's great for small rooms or corridors thanks to its subtle smell but would I repurchase? Probably not. I'll stick to my favourite - the Simply Home 'Toasted Marshmallow' that's cheaper and has a better scent throw range. Do you like Snowflake Cookie? 



  1. Love Yankee Candles but don't think I've tried Snowflake Cookie yet. Will have to add it to the list. And good luck with the move! x

    A Little Peep Into My Life


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