Playsuit - Topshop (similar & cheaper!)
Shoes - Zara (similar)

Aka the first night out in our new home town!

I'm sure everyone's sick of hearing me talk about my move now, so I won't witter on too much and instead, i'll just talk about this outfit that I wore for our first night out in Reading last week after picking it up the day of the night out... i'm nothing if not last minute!
I'd eyed up the Topshop sale in store a couple of times but to be honest, i'd had my boyfriend with me both times and that means I really couldn't rummage to my hearts content. So, when I called to pick up a Miss Selfridge order last week, I decided to see what they had. The first time I saw was actually this playsuit - I saw the triangle neck with the silver detailing and pulled it out straight away - I love how simple yet elegant it is, perfect if you're like me and prefer to keep your look simple, but still want to look put together. I was a little bit apprehensive that it had a low back (luckily it's high enough to cover my bra strap - my biggest fear) and that it was a playsuit which normally don't fit me because i'm so petite. I was so lucky with the fit though - I think because it's short and fitted, it works and doesn't drown me. Overall, for £15 i'm so happy with this playsuit! The material is such good quality and like I said, the fit is great. My only problem with it is that the neck detailing is a little loose on me but again, this is just because i'm so petite - tops never fit me properly so this is nothing new. I sized down in this playsuit and went for the 8 which was perfect for me; it's nicely tight on my waist without being too tight - I enjoyed my post night out McDonald's milkshake without feeling too bloated! 

I was seriously disappointed with the service I received in my now local Topshop though.. there were at least 4 members of staff at the fitting rooms just stood around talking - I actually had to say excuse me for one to break off their conversation to talk me! And when I asked for the 8 that i'd seen on the rail she came back after a suspiciously short amount of time and said it wasn't there... I walked out of the changing room, went to the rail, picked up the 8 and bought it without trying it on because I was so annoyed - I don't mind getting things for myself, especially after working in retail, but if you can't be bothered to do your job properly because it's interrupting your chat, what are you being paid for? Anyway, that's my rant over the day and hopefully it was just a one off - i'm sure i'll be back to give them the benefit of the doubt!

Have you picked anything up in the Topshop sale? 



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