Home Bargains Haul:

Febreze Candles - £1.99
Sequin Reindeer - £4.99
Gold Photo Frame - £1.99 (?)
Rose Gold Skull -£2.99

I feel like my tastes have changed slightly since my last homewear haul post way back in March! I'm still one for a bargain though so when I realised we have a home bargains literally 10 minutes from our flat I knew where we'd be heading for some ornaments. I did actually only pop in (famous last words!) on Sunday for some toiletries and to see if they had any cushions - unfortunately my local Home Bargains don't stock cushions but they do stock an amazing range of home wear goodies. 

The gold stag / reindeer was actually on the Christmas aisle, but as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it as a year round decoration to go on our bookshelves - I love the sequin effect as it's girly without being tacky and even better, I saw an identical one in Next the day before for £16! Like I said, he'll be a year round decoration for me so maybe i'll hang some tinsel round his neck when Christmas rolls around! Next are my favourite candles in the world. Like, seriously, I am obsessed with these candles. They're from Febreze's Spring Collection in the scent 'Lotus Verbena' but of course, because they're from Spring they're ridiculously hard to get hold of. So, when I saw Home Bargains selling them for £1.29 I bought 4 (plus a plug in!) and one in the scent 'Delicate Sandalwood' for a slight change. I absolutely love these candles and if you can pick them up, you won;t be disappointed - until they're discontinued! Next we headed to the wall art / frame aisle as we're looking for some wall art for our living area that's not ridiculously over priced.. we couldn't agree on any but I did pick up this gold frame while we were looking around - a lot of our pictures were in silver /white frames that don't really match our grey / cream theme so for 99p / £1.99 (guess who threw away their receipt!) it's a nice, instant update. Again, it looks really expensive and is the standard picture size... I did buy a couple of frames from IKEA (post coming soon!) but when I got home realised one was too big for standard sized pictures - what a nightmare! However, like I said for a couple of pounds Home Bargains do an amazing range of photo frames for really great quality. 

Finally, my favourite piece - the copper / rose gold skull! This is actually a money box but since the slot's right at the back and I absolutely loved it,I bought it as an ornament. I've actually seen this in store a couple of times but not been entirely sure on where it would do, what it would match etc but after me commenting on it again on Sunday my boyfriend told me to buy it and we'd find a place for it- what a gent! I think this will probably live in our bedroom and we'll go for rose gold accessories in there to match, we've purposely gone for white furniture and plain bedding so we can update the room with a few ornaments cheaply and it looks like the first look will be copper! What totally sold this skull to me was a) the colour: I love the bronze-y, coppery tone and b) the fact I was perusing the Urban Outfitters website that night for inspiration and saw an identical one for £15! I got that really smug, happy feeling only getting a bargain can give you and knew i'd got a deal with mine. 

And that's all for my Home Bargains haul - for now! We tend to go every couple of weeks for toiletries so i'm sure i'll be picking up plenty of homewear pieces (and dupes for Next / UO pieces!) along the way so keep your eyes peeled! I purposely haven't linked anything under the pictures as the Home Bargains website isn't the greatest and I know there's a huge variety in their stores.. so let me know what bargains you get if you head to your local store!


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