IKEA Haul:

I do have to start this post with a question... is it possible to go into IKEA and not pick up any unnecessary pieces? I promised my boyfriend when we made our trip to IKEA that I wouldn't go mad and I think I succeeded! For me, I picked up basics' (lets be honest, the stuff we all go to IKEA for) including candles, cacti and frames. I did have to link the Haverdal frame above which is coming up at £4.50 online however we only paid £1.50 for ours so not sure if it's different frame or an inconsistency in frame but our £1.50 frame seems pretty similar! We also picked up a few of the Sinnlig candles for a bargain 85p each and I even went a bit wild and threw in a tangerine scented one; I normally despise the smell of oranges but this one didn't have that awful orange smell, it's more zesty and fruity and since it was Sam's favourite we added it in. Luckily the candles only have a really soft smell so it shouldn't be too offensive. I normally burn these in lesser used rooms like the bedroom, or at the same time as another candle for a more intense, varied smell. I also picked up a candle holder and a plant pot (more IKEA essentials!) for storage; as you can see i've already put the plant pot holder to use as a make-up storer and the candle holder currently holds one of my favourite, green Febreze candles that don't quite match our grey / cream colour scheme! Using IKEA plant pots as storage is something i've always done - I store my everyday make-up in an assortment of mugs and plant pots in a plastic IKEA tub as I find it so much more organised; I simply put all my foundations in one pot, eyeliners in another and, well, you get the gist. For me it's a much prettier and tidier way of organising make-up and it works for me! 
Finally we picked up a set of three cacti because surely even I can't kill cacti?! Well, we'll have to see but for £4.50 for a three set, including the pot, I was happy with the price and they make such a cute addition to our kitchen. As much as I like bright flowers, I love that cacti don't die or change throughout the year and are so different; I spent a while trying to pick my favourite pack of three since they come in so many shapes and sizes!

Have you picked up any IKEA pieces recently? Any tips on keeping my cacti alive? 



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