LUSH Christmas Event:

Wow... well isn't this the most colourful post i've ever written up!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited down to LUSH in The Oracle so their exclusive Christmas event! I was so happy to be invited because a) I love Lush and b) it was my first blogger event in Reading so it was a great start for me. We arrived at 5.30 and were ushered in under the shutters and given a glass of Shloer and a mince pie which really got us in the Christmas spirit before being given a basket and, once Jess the store manager had given us a quick talk, we were encouraged to just look around, have a sniff and demo as many goodies as we wanted. I was, I will happily admit, like a child in a sweet shop at this point; being in an empty Lush shop with all the products was amazing. I've not really checked out the Christmas range this year so I really enjoyed just wandering around and sniffing everything - my personal favourite bathbombs were Cinders, The Magic Of Christmas and Holly Golightly - i'm normally into super sweet smells but there's something about a really musky, christmassy smell when the nights draw in. Although, true to form, I couldn't resist picking up a Candy Mountain bubble bar... it's basically Snow Fairy / Vanilla in a bubble bar and smells divine. Mine is currently in our living room and the whole rooms smells so sweet. We only have a stand up shower though so I had to be restrained when it came to bathbombs and resist buying them all. 

We also got to talk to the staff in so much more detail than you would normally so they reccomended and talked us through some of the regulars too; including Frozen (which has a gorgeous, fruity scent!) and the much instagrammed The Experimenter, which I have to admit, isn't my favourite. It looks amazing but the smell for me, is not my sorta thing - I like my bath bombs to smell strong! After we'd finally exhausted the bath bombs we explored the rest of the shop - we saw Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and of course, all of the amazing skincare. After we'd slapped and prodded the giant snowman jelly a few times (seriously if you get the chance to go into Reading Lush, you have to play with the Snowman! There's something so fun about a giant, festive jelly jiggling about...) we were in the prime position for the talk about the gift sets. I was happy to learn that i'm not the only one guilty of leaving the Lush catalogue open on the gift set page to drop some Christmas hints because they're just perfect presents. This year Lush have really stepped it up and have one that explodes confetti (check out my instagram for a video of this in real life) and my favourite, Magical Zoetrope which turns into a spinning wheel! I love the attention to detail and the circus theme, it makes an already impressive gift so much more magical and special. 

After this we had another wander around before heading home - me to a shocked boyfriend who couldn't believe i'd managed to not buy everything in the shop! I had such a lovely evening meeting a whole host of lovely people and exploring my new local LUSH - I can't wait to go back already!

Have you checked out LUSH's Christmas range? What's your favourite? 



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