MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser:

I actually got this moisturiser in my 'The City Girls' goodie bag way back in June (that now feels like forever ago!) and if i'm being totally honest, I sort of threw it in my skincare box and didn't think much of it. However, while I was moving and packing up said box, I resolved that i'd use up as much of my various moisturisers, toners and other skincare bits as possible because quite frankly, I could open a shop! So I pulled out MooGoo and have been using it daily for the last couple of weeks. I've spoken before how I like to use skincare for a couple of weeks before blogging about them to see how my skin manages with them in the long run - I find it pointless to say 'Wow this stuff's great!' after a day, or a week when the shock of a new product might have had an effect, rather than the product. My skin is ridiculously dry and sensitive so I like to give it time to get used to a product and give a fairer, more accurate review. 

In this case, i'm glad I did. At first, I really, really liked this product - it smells like milk to me (a lot of the reviews online said milkshake but I just smell milk!) and I love that it's organic, not tested on humans and actually edible it's so natural. This are all major selling points to me and i'll definitely be buying from them again to support this. In terms of the actual product, at first I loved it. Because this moisturisers 'Full Cream' it's basically the creamier, thicker version of the original MooGoo moisturiser. For someone with dry skin, this sounds like heaven and it really is. You can actually feel the cream sinking in and it's so thick and moisturising. If you've got oily skin however, don't be put off because this rich, creamy feeling won't last so you don't have to worry! I was using just the MooGoo cream, as a nightcream and then a couple of dots in the morning under my makeup when I noticed the dreaded sign of dry skin - peeling skin on my nose, and above my eyebrows. It wasn't massively noticeable, and it could of been because of the change in water, the weather, etc. But for such a rich product I was a little disappointed and even when I started applying the cream on an evening and on a morning (I told you my skin was bad!) the peeling persisted and I eventually gave in and reintroduced The Body Shop's Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil which is the only thing that stops my skin feeling flaking and itchy. Don't get me wrong, I still love Full Cream and use it as a day cream and my hands have never felt softer, but for me and my nightmare skin, it doesn't quite offer the richness I was expecting. However, if you've got less dry / normal skin i'm sure this will be perfect in richness and for anyone with sensitive skin, the obvious all natural ingredients are a huge bonus.

Overall, I really like this product as a day cream but for me, it just didn't quite offer the creaminess and richness I was expecting to fully moisturise me so while I will be definitely repurchasing from MooGoo, I don't know if it'll be this moisturiser - i'll keep it in my skin care routine though and let you all know!

Have you tried any MooGoo products? What do you think of the Full Cream moisturiser? 



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