Nike Flex2015 Run:

No, you're not seeing things - that is a colourful item of clothing on whatgeorgiadidnext! As anyone that knows me or my blog will know, I really don't do colour, preferring a monochrome palette. However, after borrowing my mums ridiculously bright running shoes, I decided I needed to get my own pair and wanted them to be pink. This is simply because I like seeing the pop of colour when i'm running, it totally cheers me up and I think it's probably a little bit of road safety to have something on me be bright. With that in mind. I googled 'bright nike running shoes' and these babies popped up. I actually bought them from the kids section, in the sale, on sportsdirect which meant I paid a measly £28 for them, compared to the £90 i'd seen the adult versions being sold on other sites! The kids sizes go up to a 5.5 so there's plenty of range in size although I did size up to a 5, despite being a 3-4 because I was worried they'd be narrow... in hindsight I could have gone for the 4 because they're not, but the 5 still fits ok. Sportsdirect do have a slightly rubbish returns policy in that you can only exchange, so if you're rally unsure about sizing maybe go in store so you're not caught out. 

Overall i'm so happy with these shoes! For the price I love them, they're a really comfortable fit - it genuinely feels like i'm running on clouds my feet are so cushioned! - and I think they look so cute on. I really couldn't recommend these shoes more and like I said, if you're wary about sizing, maybe visit sportsdirect in store to see the full range of shoes. 



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