Real Techniques Core Collection:

Real Techniques CORE Collection

I've got to be honest, until the last couple of years I wasn't great with make-up brushes; I used my hands to put on my foundation and smudged eyeliner with my fingers. It was only when I saw the Real Techniques foundation brush doing the rounds in the blogging world that I began improving my brush collection and purchased one. After a year of using my beloved brush, I noticed bristles were falling out of it and thought it was probably high time I replaced it (begrudgingly!) so I trailed the internet and came across the CORE collection. In the CORE collection, as you can see, you get a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and a contour brush - for less than £20! I actually picked mine up for about £10 on eBay so it's worth checking on there and Amazon before you commit - take it from me as hardened eBay bargain hunter. 

I absolutely love this set - the brushes are all of the quality i've come to except from Real Techniques and there's a fantastic range, it's definitely the core pieces you need... hence the name I guess! The box also comes with a handy guide to the brushes but you can do whatever you want with them really; I originally started using the Detailer brush for lipstick but after a quick wash, I decided it was put to better use as a concealer brush although, i'm tempted to wash it out again and practise my red lipstick look now the festive period is approaching. The foundation brush has been a happy replacement for my beloved old brush although it is smaller than my original so it takes longer to work the foundation. I have noticed it's worth the extra work for a much more flawless look though so, swings and roundabouts I guess. The contour brush has also been a life changer for me; I use it to contour my favourite High Beam into my non existent cheekbones before using the buffing brush to add some colour in the form of Rimmel's bronzer - again to add some contour and some colour, especially at this time of year when I resemble Caspar the Friendly Ghost without it! 

I've been happily surprised with this collection; for the money there's a great range of brushes and it has really created the base that I needed. 
Have you got the Core Collection? Any other brushes I need to add to my collection?



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