'Ambre Mystere' Scented Candle (M&S):

I feel like i'm slightly becoming like the Candle vlogger in Scream Queens with the amount of candle related posts i'm putting out recently but what can I say, I really like my candles! With the dark nights here too (plus the fact I have a whole flat to light now, not just a bedroom!) I find myself drawn to candles to create a really cute, romantic glow and to keep the flat smelling good. 

I ordered this La Maison De Senteurs scented candle on the M&S website last week as we recieved some M&S vouchers and after buying some presents with them, had £10 left so I added this candle to my basket for myself - I am the queen of treating myself at this time of year! The candle only has two reviews but they're both really good and to be honest, I just really loved the holder and the name. I love slightly muskier, citrusy smells (like the Jo Malone ones) so this candle promised that kind of smell for less than a tenner - who could say no? The description online was "mysterious dusky fragrance of mimosa, iris and tonka bean" which sounds amazing, doesn't it? So when my parcel arrived I headed straight for the candle to give it a sniff. I'm so impressed with the packaging; even the box, and the candle itself, look so expensive and classic. This would be such a good present and one i'd be more than happy to receive. When it comes to the smell though, well, it's not what I expected... it smells like washing powder! As soon as I smelt it, I immediately thought of cotton and just cleanliness. It has a really crisp, slightly fruity, smell that's not at all mysterious but is still really nice. Even my boyfriend said it smelt of washing when he smelt it so it definitely isn't just me. Don't get me wrong, I love the smell and it definitely has slightly deeper and more fruity notes, but it's not quite the musky scent I was expecting. 

I was really surprised with this candle but I am happy I picked it up - the smell is such a clean, relaxing one and would the perfect present because it's completely un-offending. Not what I was expecting, but definitely a good purchase! I haven't burnt the candle yet because I wanted to get pictures first (and have another candle to use up) but i'll definitely update this post once I do, who knows maybe it'll have a completely different smell when it's burning. I'd never heard of La Maison De Senteurs before but they seem to have a large range on the M&S website: they do home fragrance, body products and nightwear that all have a real luxurious feel to them at really reasonable prices. I'd definitely like to try more LMDS products and can't wait to burn my candle! 

Have you tried any of La Maison De Senteurs products? Any other bargain candles I need to try?


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