Black Friday Haul:

Primark False Nails

We all know the story, you go Christmas shopping with other people and their gifts in mind and end up coming home with a bag(s) full of goodies from yourself... sigh. My excuse though, is that all of these things (bar the £1 false nails) were bought either on 3 for 2 or with a discount so you know, bargains.

I headed to Miss Selfridge first to pick up the jeans which i'd ordered online when they were reduced to £15 as part of Miss Selfridges week of Black Friday offers. This fell perfectly for me as I was desperate for some new black jeans and they're petite (30") length! Yay for finally having a pair of jeans that finally fit my legs - i've been wearing them tucked into boots and enjoying the novelty of not having to roll my jeans up. While I was in store I had a look at the dresses because it's the LSB (long suffering boyfriend)'s Christmas do soon and the dress code is black tie - ah! But when I noticed dresses had up to 40% off I had a rummage and managed to pick up the wrap around pencil dress linked for £27.60 (it was originally £39!) and used a forgotten about gift card to pay for it which meant I paid about £5 that was left - perfect! I haven't photographed either item properly because the jeans didn't look cute folded up (blogger problems) and the dress needs safety pinning; if you are thinking of buying it up it is low cut so if you're petite and/or bigger chested, it might be a bit revealing. Plus I'm hoping to get some pictures of me wearing it on the night so i'll probably do an OOTD soon! The dress is stunning though and amazing quality and it even comes with a belt. I then headed to Primark where I bought the nails, also for Sam's work do - I also picked up an amazing embellished clutch bag a couple of days later that you can see I was eyeing up on Friday but it was so busy on Friday I literally picked up some wrapping paper and these false nails and left - no messing around! Primark falsies are what they are, for £1 they'll probably drop off but I didn't have the time or money to have my nails one professionally so they'll have to do and i'll be sure to take the spare nails and glue with me in case of any accidents! 

Finally, after a mammoth three hour shop I headed to my last stop, Boots. You can read about the Yankee Candle Advent Calender I picked up, in detail here and after opening my first window i'm really happy with it! Especially for the bargain price of £10. I also picked up two gifts which meant I got a free one - Boots 3 for 2 deals are my favourite for treating yourself, it's so guilt free. I picked up a Soap and Glory Hand Food because it's my favourite hand cream in the world and with the weather turning, I'm always really worried about my hands becoming really chapped so I find myself applying this cream all the time. It was has a really recognisable, sweet Soap and Glory smell which I love. If you're looking for a hand cream, I can't recommend Hand Food enough - especially since it's only £.50 for a big bottle (or free on the 3-for-2!).

Not a massive haul from me but just some pieces I picked up thanks to the deals. Have you got any bargains recently? 


  1. Cool haul!


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