Jo Malone Minis:

Rosemary & Lavender Skin Tonic
Avocado Cleansing Milk
Lime Basil and Mandarin Body Lotion
Protein Skin Serum

A slightly random post for me, since I can't find ANY of these products online.. how annoying when that happens! To be honest, i'm not surprised since I spied this set in my mums bathroom barely used and asked if I could have it (if only for instagram purposes.. those mini bottles are so dreamy!) although you can also still find it available on eBay. As i've mentioned before, I like to use skincare for a while before I review it to be really thorough - especially since I have ridiculously sensitive skin. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect from these products; i've never tried Jo Malone products before but from what i've previously experienced, I thought it was mostly scents: perfumes, candles etc. With this in mind I didn't have high hopes for the skincare working for me, I expected it to be too perfumed to settle my skin. I was right about the scents, all of these products are scented (bar the protein serum) but not to an extreme. I've been using the skin tonic, cleansing milk and protein serum daily and i've been really impressed with the results! The protein serum is probably my favourite product; it's similar to my beloved Vitamin E serum-in-oil but is even richer and a thicker formula although it sinks straight in and doesn't leave the skin greasy - heaven. I've also really enjoyed the cleansing milk (not just because of the avocado reference!) which is similar to LUSH cosmetics '9 to 5' but again, is a little bit creamier and more luxurious. To be honest i've never quite got on board with 9 to 5 and i've tried and loved Ultraband but find it really unsupple and hard which is not a problem I had this with milk. It has the cream consistency of 9 to 5 with the removing and cooling power of Ultraband - a fab mix. As I said, i've also been using the Rosemary and Lavender Skin Tonic but this product is probably the most hit and miss for me. It stings my skin when I apply it which it probably should, but when you have skin as sensitive as mine stinging just makes me thinking of dry cracked skin and that's something I try to avoid at all costs!  That being said, I have used it a few times and i've really enjoyed the fresh feeling it gives me and it hasn't made my skin crack and peel yet... maybe we're making progress!

The only product I haven't really tried is the body lotion but that's mostly because a) it's a tiny bottle for body lotion and b) i'm perfectly happy with my mix of Dove's gradual tan (review coming soon!) and my beloved The Body Shop Cocoa Butter. With that in mind, i've used it a couple of times on my arms as it smells amazing but i'm definitely more armoured with the skin care in this instance!

Have you ever tried Jo Malone face & body products? Any others I need to try? 



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