Paul Hollywood Ready To Bake Rolls*:

Paul Hollywood Ready To Bake Rolls*

You might have seen I posted about these rolls on my instagram a couple of weeks ago and i've been so excited to finally tell you all about them! I was contacted by the people behind Paul Hollywood's new, Ready to Bake Rolls range and obviously I jumped at the opportunity; i'm not only a huge Paul Hollywood (and GBBO) fan, but I also really love bread so this was perfect for me. I received my box within two days and was amazed to find I had the full range included! This consists of the crusty, multiseed and seeded rolls, as well as a really handy shopper bag. I'm not going to lie, I dug straight in and went my favourite first- the multi seed rolls which as you can see, I paired with some salad and cheese for a DIY ploughmans and it was heavenly

The rolls have been designed to be part baked; this means you simply pop them in the oven for 7 minutes and the end result is a super crusty, warm-in-the-middle roll. What I loved most about the rolls is their size; I simply popped one or two in the oven for me, then put the rest in an airtight container. This meant they lasted well over a week and you can control the portion size to suit your appetite... no more left over, stale bread to bin! The long suffering boyfriend and I both loved seeded bread so we were over the moon to see we had both the multi seed and seeded bread, as well as the classic crusty white. I did find the crusty white a little bit heavier on my stomach than the seeded ones, but it was still a really enjoyable mix of textures from the doughy inside to the crispy outer layer. I loved that there was also a cooking tip on the packaging.. I sprinkled some water on the bread before putting in the oven and they were much more crusty, what a great tip! We really noticed the only time we forget to put water on them so definitely a tip to remember. I absolutely loved these rolls and would, and will, get them again; I love having the taste of freshly baked bread with the convenience of prebaked and I love the portions. Like I said, we simply used what we needed (normally one each as a side for pasta or for lunch etc) then put the rest in a container, and using them as and when we needed to. Anything that gives me great taste in minimum time is a winner for me so this has really impressed me! 

As for the tastes, like I mentioned I did find the white rolls quite heavy but I don't really eat white bread so that's probably why and once it was baked, with some warm butter melting into it, it was just as heavenly as the seeded! The multi seed were probably my favourite as they were really packed with seeds and they seemed to crust up the best but I did really enjoy the taste of the seeded ones.. especially since the rolls that had black seeds on them that added another dimension to the taste. The seeded ones to me, tasted really expensive and like something I would expect from a good quality bread basket so I was perfectly happy enjoying them for my lunch! Although I know some people enjoy over complicating bread, I like it best warm, with melted butter or in sandwich form. I did also top a seeded roll with nutella, then bake for 7 minutes as suggested to create a really chocolatey, warm, indulgent breakfast.. maybe not fine dining but definitely tasty! I did originally think 7 minutes baking time was quite a lot but, it's definitely a lot quicker than making your own bread and to be honest, if you're doing other stuff around the house it soon passes - and it's so worth it! 

I absolutely loved these rolls.. I love having the taste of freshly baked bread, which is normally a treat, at my own complete ease. Well done Paul, you're on with a winner here - it gets my seal of approval!

Have you tried Paul Hollywood's rolls? 



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