Yankee Candle Advent Calender (Part A):

I've got to be honest, I was in two minds about posting this now. Surely, I reasoned with myself, it makes sense to write about this advent calender once i've actually opened it? But then what if they're not available any more? After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I decided to write this post in two parts - so welcome to Part A and keep your eyes peeled for Part B!

I'm sure we've all heard of the Yankee Candle advent calender but for anyone not in the loop, basically it's an advent calender with tealights instead of chocolates (with a votive for Christmas Eve!). I see these sort of advent calenders pop up every year (there's also the Body Shop one which looks amazing) but to be honest, I don't have £25 to spend on an advent calender for myself in the run up to Christmas and *controversial opinion* I think they make a lousy present; do you get it before Christmas? Or open it in January? For that reason i've never really bothered with them and stuck to good old fashioned chocolate. However, I bravely headed into Reading town centre on Black Friday where I, very smugly, finished my Christmas shopping, under budget thanks to the offers and deals - say what you want about Black Friday but anything that saves me money a month before Christmas suits me down to the ground. Sure I think electrical's can be ridiculous (fighting over a TV that's got £50 off, really?) but when The Body Shop, where I buy a lot of presents, are doing 40% off, i'm not complaining. After snapping up most of my bargains I headed to my final stop, Boots, where I finished up and happened across these advent calenders where they were reduced to £10. I immediately stopped, looked how much they were selling for online (rule 101 for discount shopping for me) and when I realised this was a genuine bargain I quickly threw one in my basket as a treat to myself for surviving Black Friday. 

Once I got it home I was still really happy with my purchase; it smells so Christmassy which is making me so excited to start opening it (and now it's offically December you can see me opening my first window here)! Inside it has 23 tealights and one votive in the scents 'Christmas Memories', 'Angels Wings', 'Cinnamon Sticks', 'Icicles', 'Christmas Garland' and 'Snowflake Cookie' (which you can read my review of here). I think the range of smells really encapulates Christmas; there's everything from Christmas tree's to cookies to cinnamon. I've also never tried Yankee Candle's tealights so it's a nice way to try them out. I can't wait to see what I get and I can confirm after opening the first window (go check out my instagram to see which one I got!) i'm really impressed with the quality of the tealights and I can't wait to get it burnt and feel festive!

Have you tried the Yankee Candle Advent Calender? Which is your favourite non-chocolate advent calender? 



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