KYLIE COSMETICS | The 'Bronze' Palette:

Hi World, long time no blog! I don't really have an excuse for going AWOL on the blog (and going fairly quiet across social media in general) apart from, as i'm sure for a lot of people, this year has been hard work and blogging has been the last thing i've thought about to be honest. But, as 2016 draws to a close i've decided to open up my laptop, crack out my 'photography blanket' and fight the crappy winter lighting for the sake of whatgeorgiadidnext! I toyed with what to post as my 'comeback' post, but since discovering Kylie Cosmetics and placing two orders, I thought the Bronze Palette would make a good place to start.

I bought this palette at the end of September when kyliecosmetics was offering free shipping. I'd just been paid and felt I deserved a treat (tbh I feel like this every day, but who can argue with free shipping?). What I completely didn't factor in was the £20 customs charge I had to pay, but that didn't put me off - although I would definitely consider it if you're thinking of placing an order. I also had to wait 7-10 days to get my order which wasn't too long, but in the age of next-day-delivery was a killer! I actually bought this palette, the 'exposed' liner & the 'Literally' gloss because I wanted to try a few things and i'll be reviewing the gloss and liner in a later post. 

Now, actually on to the palette! There's a mix of matte and sparkly shades - although I did think the ratio (there are 7 matte's and two sheen shades) was a little uneven, but that's because I love a good shiny eyeshadow. AS the name suggests, there's a mix of bronze-y, orange-y golden shades with the gorgeous dark brown / black as well for shading. I've found the pigment and the variation of these shades incredible - I initially bought this palette because my signature look is a bronze smokey eye, which the palette is obviously perfect for but i've also been experimenting with the orange tones - the other day I had a graphic orange eyeshadow look that really made my blue eyes pop. I love the versatility of all the shades - Jasper is a great 'all over the lid' shade and Hematite and Goldstone are perfect for an everyday neutral look. I've also been using the two dark shades, Bronzite& Obsidian as both blending shades and powder eyeliners - they smoke out perfectly and don't smudge. I absolutely love this palette - the shades are creamy, long lasting and are highly pigmented. I'll definitely repurchase this palette once I finish this one and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

The palette is priced at $42 (£34 rounded up to GBP) which I think is reasonable for the quality of the shades.. and that's without mentioning the stunning packaging! I'm a sucker for a good packaging and Kylie has definitely delivered with this. My only gripe (and i've noticed this with the lip products to) is that the mostly white packaging has started to go a bit grubby and orange foundation marks cling to it! Bearing in mind the Urban Decay palette's are £38 for 12 (very similar looking) shades I think this palette is reasonably priced - plus it's so beautiful that it really feels like luxury makeup. I know there's been a lot of bad press about Kylie's products not being 'high quality' and being priced higher to basically exploit her fans, but I do genuinely think these are good products for the price. 

Like I said, I did also pick up a gloss and a liner at the same time as this palette... and then the KoKo Kollection and another liner and gloss this month (someone please just ban me from the site..!) which i'll be reviewing in time, so keep your eyes peeled! 


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