Franco Manca Launch:

Hello world! 

Looong time no blog, i've said repeatedly that I won't ever apologise for having breaks from my blog: this is my hobby so when I need a little bit of time off, I allow myself guilt free. 

However, i'm back now with lots of new content created! I'm also toying with changing my blog, as i've had the 'whatgeorgiadidnext' handle for over 5 years (time flies!) so I think it might be time for a change, but for now i'll still be posting here. 

Back in July the lovely people at Franco Manca invited me to the launch of their Reading branch. Franco Manca have various branches across London and the south east and serve sourdough, freshly baked pizzas. I was interested because A) who ever turned down a free pizza? and B) i'd never heard of Franca Manca. After some googling, I discovered that Franco Manca only have 7 types of pizza, and not much else on the menu. This initially threw me into a bit of a panic, as i'm used to having various options but there's a range of vegetarian, meaty and even vegan options so something for everyone. I also noted that the drinks are 'no logo' cider / beers or organic wine / soft drinks which is really unusual - no diet coke here! 

Upon arrival, we were greeted and offered a seat. As it was a nice afternoon (remember the sun? Even that was shining!) we chose to sit outside and enjoy a Aperol Spritz (made perfectly, it must be said) as we were a little early. Once more bloggers had arrived, we were ushered inside to a large table. The interior is the on trend 'industrial' look, but done well - I felt comfortable, not like I was sitting in a building yard! We were then brought more drinks, the long suffering boyfriend (also known as Sam) opted for the 'no logo' beer, much to everyone's intrigue, and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a beer drinker, and Sam is a man of few words, but he summarised it was 'very light and tasty' and ordered another, so i'd take that as a good sign.

Once we were all seated and chatting, we got a surprise treat with some wine tasting! But this wasn't just any wine tasting (no spitting back into the wine glasses here!), Francesco, Franco Manca's wine expert poured us all generous glasses and encouraged us all the try every wine, ask any questions and advised us which wines to pair with what food. Whilst trying the wines, we tucked into various nibbles, from olives, bread and meats for the carnivores. The food was delicious but the wine was really worth noting - it was especially refreshing to see how enthusiastic and passionate Francesco is about the wine, he genuinely cares about what customer's are drinking and what wines work best with the pizzas. 

After all that wine, we luckily had some food! This is where my pictures fade out as by this point i'd had some wine and was really hungry so my focus was on eating! We had a variety of pizza's, including some regulars and some specials, and I loved how there was so much choice, even within the small menu. Franco Manca have got it right by offering a small range of really good food, as opposed to a huge menu of ok food. They know what they do, and they do it really well - even the crust was amazing!

We then moved onto pudding... now I am a pudding girl so even though i'd eaten a ton of pizza, I still made room for the tiramisu, lemon almond cake and chocolate hazelnut cake. Now, not to be dramatic, but i'm pretty sure the tiramisu was the best i've ever eaten. The coffee was strong, but not too over powering and the balance of flavours was perfect. Bellissimo! The cake's were really tasty too (Sam called the lemon and almond cake 'nice'... I told you he's a man of few words) and are a great way to finish a meal, if you can find room. 

Once we'd finished, we sat as a group chatting for a while. It was lovely, as always, to catch up with the Berkshire bloggers and Franco Manca's service was brilliant - they were attentive without being over bearing and really friendly too. 

Thank you so much to Franco Manca for inviting me to your opening, I had an amazing time and can't wait to go back! 



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