Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette:

First up, I just want to apologise for the appearance of this palette... when I opened it for the first time the mirror dropped out (never a good sign!) leaving the black glue mark which isn't the prettiest thing. Combined with the wonky sticker on the back, and as you can probably imagine, I didn't have the best first impressions of this palette. But did it deliver? 

I ended up buying this Sleek palette after I put a request on Twitter for a cheap, but good, highlighter palette. I have the ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit and a few singular highlighters, but I wanted a cheaper palette I could cart around without worrying too much about breaking it, and a good range of shades. A few people recommended this Sleek palette and the online reviews were great (one said "If you want to shine like the sun, buy this" which totally won me over!) - I was sold. 

I picked mine up from Boots (personally I don't shop at Superdrug) where I picked up a free lip crayon thanks to the deal they had on (at the minute it's Buy One Get One Half Price). As I said, the first time I opened it the mirror fell out, and having looking at it on the website i've just realised mine didn't come with the mini brush it was supposed to! But I was really happy with the selection - you get two baked powders, a cream highlighter and a shimmer powder in various shades which means it suits everyone. My personal favourite is the palest shade, but as you can see from the swatches there's not really much difference in the shades - they're all very pigmented, but more with glitter than colour, if that makes sense. 

In terms of the actual highlighters, I honestly can't fault them. I reach for this palette all the time as the colour and the longevity is amazing - well worth £9.99. The only one I don't really get on with is the cream highlighter, but that's just personal preference more than anything as I prefer powder highlighters. As I said, the difference in the colours isn't massive, but they're all incredibly bright with a subtle hint of colour which I love and so buttery to put on. 

I absolutely love this palette and would definitely recommend it - for the price you get four beautiful highlighters - just make sure you get one with a working mirror and a brush! 



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