'This Works' Choose Sleep Kit:

Oh, insomnia. It's a pain, isn't it? I've suffered with insomnia all my life - as a child I used to lay staring at the glow up stars (remember those?!) on my ceiling for hours, as a teenager I went completely against the grain and slept, on average, about 5 hours on a good night and unfortunately, it's not something i've grown out of. 

I've tried pretty much every relaxing technique, every weird 'trick' and every product but nothing has ever really worked. The only thing i've previously found that helped, is the Avon 'Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist' (which is also a steal at £3.25) but mine ran out, and being in Reading I don't really know any reps near me so never got round to replacing it. I did try Lush's infamous 'Sleepy' lotion but it did absolutely nothing for me - I prefer a spray so you can actually smell it - what's the point of covering your arms in a product then not being able to smell it?! I do also think a lot of products rely on the 'placebo effect' so i'm always sceptical about how much they actually work.

So i've been at a bit of a loss, and really struggling with my sleep. My mum then stepped in (shout out to my mumski!) and ordered this kit for me after hearing some rave reviews (and being sick of hearing me complain about being tired, I assume!). It arrived the day after she placed the order, which was brilliant service and I was excited, but reserved, to try it. 

So what did I think? Well, to be honest, i've actually been really, really impressed. Admittedly, there's not a lot of product for the price.. especially considering the difference in the size of the box to the actual products (!) but you don't actually need to use a lot, so it balances out. The kit comprises of the 'deep sleep' pillow spray and the 'stress check' breathe in, which is a balm. The idea is that you spray the pillow with the pillow spray, then use the balm on your pulse points (wrists, temple, neck) and I also dot a tiny amount on my cupids bow, so that I can smell it. I feel like the combination of the two products is a real double whammy and definitely helps you drift off - it's also nice to have the balm in case the smell of the spray fades, and vice versa. The products have the unmissable lavender scent that is associated with any sleep products but is more sophisticated and sharper than the Lush product, which I prefer. 

Since using this product, i've definitely noticed an improvement in my sleep - I nod off a lot quicker and tend to not wake up as much through the night so it's definitely helping! I don't think i'll ever sleep great and whilst I can manage that, it's always nice to find a product that helps. I'd definitely recommend this kit if you're struggling to sleep, for £10 for two, very small, products it is steeper than others on the market (although still cheaper than a tub of the Lush lotion), but it's worked for me and it's near impossible to put a price on a good nights sleep if you're struggling!

Have you tried anything that's helped? 



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