Too Faced 'Love' Eyeshadow Palette:

TK Maxx is one of those shops I really, really struggle with. I think we've all got one or two shops like that. haven't we? I'm the same with H&M - I see people wearing amazing things that they tell me are from there, yet when I go in it's full of tops saying 'i'm a unicorn!' or something equally ridiculous. TK Maxx is the same, I see people posting incredible bargains yet nothing in my store, just overpriced low brand makeup (always so much w7 stuff that you can buy in B&M for so much cheaper!) and clothes / smellies from brands i've never heard of. 

I always like a nosey round though, and my perseverance finally paid off a couple of months ago when I snagged this palette for a bargain £15! It's still retailing at £39 online at Debenhams (which i've linked above as I can't find the palette on the TK Maxx website) and I had to have it. I have seen them still available in store, so they are still around at the low price. 

In terms of the actual palette, you get 15 eye-shadows in a really unusual variety of shades, spanning from my preferred bronzes, to pinks to greens (which I must admit, i'm yet to use!) and some dark greys / browns too. I bought the palette for the bronze shades (the furthest left) as they are my signature looks, but I must admit I have reached for the pinks too as they're so versatile and warm. The pigmentation is as good as I would expect of Too Faced - i've never used any of their eye-shadows previously but obviously, had heard good things and this doesn't disappoint: the shades are beautifully buttery and pigmented and stay on all day. They blend well together and it's easy to build them up for a stronger punch of colour - I particularly loved building up the purple for a slightly different take on a smokey eye. The palette also comes with an black pencil eyeliner but I seem to have misplaced mine (suspiciously, since I last visited my parents so I wouldn't be surprised if it's currently hiding in my mums makeup bag!) but the liner was good, a standard black liner that actually comes with a spongy side to smudge it, which suits me as i'm definitely more of a smudgy liner girl than a winged girl... I don't have the patience for the wings!

In terms of the appearance of the palette, it's designed to look like a love letter (hence the name!) with a Parisian stamp and writing on the front. The box is really sturdy (makes it perfect for travelling) and the colour scheme is black, white and pink. Inside, there are the shades (obviously!) designed to look like folded envelopes and embossed with hearts, which is a beautiful touch. The palette also comes with three cards (you can see them to the right of the mirror) which are guides on how to use the different shades. I love these 'how to' guides as they're so handy when you're not so great at mixing shades (raises hand!). 

I'm so happy I finally managed to get a bargain in TK Maxx, I also managed to pick up a NARS lip crayon and lip liner on this trip so I think I was definitely there at the right time (for once!). If you do come across this palette, I would definitely recommend it. 

Have you managed to pick up any bargains in TK Maxx? 



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