ColourPop Haul

'Mile High' 'Super Shock' Six Shadow Palette (Similar)
Mini Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in 'Dopey' 'Strip' and 'Frick N' Frack'

Now, I can't lie, this post has been a long time in the making.. I actually got these products for my birthday back in June! However, as i'm now back from my blogging hiatius and most of them are still available, I thought i'd show you what I got. 

Colour Pop are an American cosmetics company and are cheap - the total cost of everything I got was $60 (£45) which for 10 eyeshadows, 4 lip products and a highlighter (the mini liquid lipsticks were free online as I spent over the specified amount) is so good but this made me slightly apprehensive about the quality.. we all know the old saying 'you get what you pay for'! However, i've heard nothing but good reviews from various beauty bloggers, and as they were offering free international shipping, and my mum offered to pay as a birthday present for me, I knew I had to give it a go.  

After the usual wait time for shipping (and shipping charges! Don't make the mistake I made the first time I bought from Kylie Cosmetics and forget the extra £18 you'll have to pay *facepalm*) I finally picked up my products. My first impressions were good - all the packaging is amazing, clean white with colourful accents is always a winner and the pink Kathleen Lights packaging is sooo pretty. Plus all the packaging was really strong and sturdy - the coloupop box that has the six shadow palette in is so strong and clicked together really satisfyingly! All the eye shadows and the highlighter come in screw top containers which makes them feel really expensive, but is a bit of a pain (especially if you have orange hands from your foundation!) 

My personal favourite products are the eyeshadows, honestly I would pay shipping charges over and over just for these eyeshadows. Because they're 'supershock' they're a really intense pigment but also really buttery.. so a dream to blend but still beautifully pigmented. The colour choice is amazing too, obviously I went for all bronze / nuetral shades because that's what I love, but they have an amazing range online if you're into different shades. The highlighter is a funny one for me; I went for the super shock highlighter in 'Lunch Money' as it had all 5* reviews and is a really 'me' shade. While I love the pay off (it's definitely a disco ball kinda highlighter, just how I like them!) the actual product is quite strange.. it goes on like a thick powder (with some clumps and drag which can be frustrating!) but the actual product is kind of putty like... I accidentally pushed my brush in too hard yesterday and it left a dent. Weird! I was reading the reviews as I wrote this post though and someone recommended using a wet beauty blender instead of a brush for a better application so i'll give that a go and report back. 

I ended up with a range of lip products as I wanted to try various formulas, so I got 'Ultra Satin' 'Ultra Gloss' and 'Ultra Matte' as part of the Kathleen Lights set, a 'lippie stix' and then the minis are also 'ultra satin's. My personal favourites are the gloss and the satin's (luckily!) - I love a gloss and generally prefer them over a matte lip and this gloss is great. The satin's are a nice 'in-between' the gloss and the matte. I've tried the matte a couple of times but I honestly prefer Kylie Cosmetics so this one is a little unused. As for the lippie stix, I love the formula but the colour is far too pink for me so I've only used it once... I was slightly annoyed as it's a totally different colour to how it looked on the website (online it looks like the perfect nude for pale girls) but luckily I only paid a couple of dollars as it was in the sale and i'm sure it'll end up in my mum's makeup bag as most of my unwanted makeup does! 

All in all, i've been really impressed with with my Colour Pop haul and I will definitely be buying from them again. My top picks are definitely the super shock eye shadows, but i'd love to try the eyebrow products as well as different eye shadows and more of the lippie stix! 

Have you bought from Colour Pop? What are your favourite products? 



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