The Body Shop VIP Event:

The week before last, when the sun was still shining (remember that?!) I was lucky enough to be invited to a VIP event at the Reading branch of the Body Shop to learn all about their new Banana range and some of their other products. The Body Shop is genuinely my favourite shop for toiletries: all my skincare and shower products are from there (and some of my makeup!) as I love their diverse ranges and their ethical approach. They're always a really affordable price point too (and always have loads of promotions on!) so it's my first stop for pretty much everything. 

I was really intrigued about the new banana range as it's not a scent I would naturally gravitate towards; I prefer more subtle scents like Shea but I was so pleasantly surprised! The banana range basically smells like those foam banana sweets (anyone else remember those?) so is incredibly sweet. I think if you went head to toe in all the products it might get slightly overwhelming but I can imagine the scent really lasting on your hair by using the shampoo, or on your skin when using the body butter which is always a plus! The special edition packaging is also amazing, so fun with the purple accents and the banana wash bags. I'm a sucker for cute packaging so i'd be tempted to buy it for that alone! 

We also got to see a makeup tutorial - i'm always so surprised that people don't rave about The Body Shop's makeup more, I use their brushes and their lightening drops religiously. If you're pale like me and struggle to find suitable foundations, the drops are an absolute stroke of genuis for creating your perfect shade. I've also used eye-shadows, mascara and foundation from The Body Shop in the past and loved them all. If you're wanting to add more ethical makeup to your collection and move away from brands that test on animals (as i'm trying to at the minute) then definitely don't forget to check out The Body Shop. As part of the tutorial, The Shimmer Waves were used and i've had to talk myself out of buying them ever since as I really don't need anymore makeup! But the products can be used for bronzing and eye shadows so it's a great multi tasking product - perfect for festivals or travelling over the summer. 

After a talk from James, the manager, about the new banana range and the Against Animal Testing Petition the Body Shop have been running. There isn't long left to sign the petition so if you want to (and lets face it, who doesn't want to end animal testing? It's crazy to me that it even still happens!) you can find all the information here. Hearing James and the team talk so passionately about animal testing has made me determined to go cruelty free until this much needed ban is in place. The petition currently has over 7.3 million signatures and needs 8 million to be presented to the UN so they're so close to achieving the goal! 

We had some food very kindly provided by Wagamamas - huge thank you to their staff for catering for me - i'm veggie and don't eat mushrooms or rice so thought they would struggle but I had the Yasai Yaki Soba, sans mushrooms, and it was amazing. I always think i'd struggle to find suitable food at Wagamama but their choice was incredible, and the vegan Katsu curry looks fantastic. I thought it was especially fitting that we were eating amazing vegan and vegetarian food while talking about stopping testing on animals. I think there's been a real shift recently to become more ethical and I hugely support it and love to brands championing it. 

After some food we had a wander around the shop, trying out the different ranges and discussing our favourite products. It's amazing how everyone seems to have at least one Body Shop product they rave about: mine is the lightening drops (and was the Cocoa Butter until they discontinued it... still bitter about that) but I picked up the Camomile Cleansing Balm  after hearing a few people saying how great it is (i'm a marketers dream, I know!) and i've used it every day since. You just rub the balm onto your face, then rinse off and tone as normal. It's so quick and easy, leaves your skin so soft and isn't irritable.. it has 5 stars on the Body Shop website which I think says it all! I also picked up a couple of minis: some grapefruit hand sanitizers and a mini hand cream to keep in my handbag as i'm always losing them! 

I had an amazing evening with the Body Shop. Their new banana range is definitely one to check out and if you haven't already - make sure you sign the petition to end testing on animals! 



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